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[quote:336x0ftx]The priest celebrant facing the congregation at Mass in the New Rite, can be a distraction for some people, I think.[/quote:336x0ftx]

Interesting… <img decoding=” title=”Confused” /> I’m just more into the notion that at the Last Supper (the first Mass if you will) Jesus was gathered around the table with people in close quarters sharing his body and blood. And with the Eucharist being the spiritual connection between the members of the Church I just think that having the priest face away is weird. However, I still respect your preference for the Tridentine Mass, don’t get me wrong, I just don’t know if [b:336x0ftx][i:336x0ftx]I[/i:336x0ftx][/b:336x0ftx] would like it.

[quote:336x0ftx]It is a pity that many bishops did not respond to the Holy Father’s request to be generous in their response to requests for the Tridentine Mass from those who prefer it.

I feel that our religious leaders should not cause us hurt or confusion. [/quote:336x0ftx]

I’m sure we have some of the same problems in the U.S. but I think in my archdiocese there isn’t that problem. I definitely agree with you that our religious leaders should not cause us hurt and confusion. I think that is why the clergy sexual abuse scandal in the U.S. Church has hurt so much – because of the hurt and confusion from someone we trust. <img decoding=” title=”Sad” />

[quote:336x0ftx]The “funny” language – Latin – is still the official language of the Church. A layman in my parish, in reference to Latin said, “I don’t believe in mumbo jumbo. I reminded him, as I remind you, of its offical status in the Church.[/quote:336x0ftx]

Oh, I know that – [b:336x0ftx]I[/b:336x0ftx] wasn’t calling it a funny language, I was more or less “quoting” what other people have told me regarding their feelings on the Tridentine Mass. <img decoding=” title=”Smile” />