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@Mountainmason: Welcome! <img decoding=” title=”Smile” /> Yes, free thinking is allowed, but not hate speech so I look forward to great conversations with people on this board as soon as it picks up. We are not here to put others down, but to be able to discuss things and share the love of Christ.

With that being said, I will move on.

I do have some questions for clarification purposes just so I can get a better grip on the topic.

Are you still a practicing Catholic or did you not return after your stint with Evangelicalism?

What is the purpose of the Volume of Sacred Law? Why the KJV?

Why wouldn’t the VSL be the same in all lodges universally if it truly is “sacred law”? In lodges dominated by Muslims I have read that the VSL is the Qur’an. To me it only makes sense that the VSL would be consistently the same in all lodges worldwide. Maybe I am just confused about this. <img decoding=” title=”Confused” />

In regards to my comment on it being a secret society I meant that there are many secret rituals in the lodge that one does once they get way high up in rank (I think it is like the 32nd Degree or something like that). Granted, many actions that Masons do are in the news and public it is the other behind the doors stuff that supposedly resembles Satanic rituals that only the priveleged get to see (this is all based on rumors, please don’t hold it against me or think I am calling you Satanic or anything. I am just trying to clear up what I have heard. <img decoding=” title=”Smile” />)

The information that I have seen about Masonry is very sparse. The only thing I can really find about Masons is that they must be “men of good will” or “character” or something like that and that’s about it. I have looked at many lodge websites trying to find out more about specific beliefs and practices and such to see why the Catholic Church takes a stance against it. I have not found much to no avail.

I also share your sentiments about the people you call “neo-Christians” who spread their gospel with hate and deceit. It is rather tragic. I have a few uncles like that. It seems that their way of evangelizing is to point out with the Bible how wrong you are and then show with the same book that God offers forgiveness and that if you do not accept what they say then you are rejecting God.

Anyway, I look forward to your response.


P.S. Sorry for the delayed response. I took a little vacation.