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[quote:1p658b76]Kind of like how when reading a novel, we try to look for the meaning, not only in the words written, but also in what the author was trying to say. If we take things on surface level only, we miss a lot.[/quote:1p658b76]

See, I think that’s one of the issues with Bible literalism – those types of people do not really consider what the author was saying or the context of the times and history.

I think they think the Bible was dictated by God to the human writer like Muslims think of the Qur’an, but that is not the case. Scripture is [b:1p658b76]inspired[/b:1p658b76] by God, not dictated. God [b:1p658b76]and[/b:1p658b76] the human author [b:1p658b76]both[/b:1p658b76] have a hand in what was written. This is why it is the themes and lessons and concepts that are important to extract from Scripture, not the fine details of how many “days” it took to create the earth.