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Well, I agree that we need to demand accountability, but I do also feel that the media has sensationalized some of the crimes committed by priests. How come it’s not national news when a Baptist minister does something of the same magnitude of a priest? I have seen news reports about Baptist ministers sexually abusing young people as well as other crimes, but yet it is not made into a widespread media event.

My diocese just published the results of an investigation and over the last 50 years 33 out of 3026 priests have been accused of sexual abuse. Now that is only 1.09% of priests in this area over a period of [b:u6i7jy90]50 years[/b:u6i7jy90]. :!: 1.09% is much lower than the national average of the total population being accused of sexual abuse.

The media just likes to make this sound like it is a unique event to Catholic priests and that a good number of priests are doing this. It just simply is not true and that is what upsets me. :x