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I have seen Gangs of New York and I totally agree that it is not a good movie as well.

Personally, I feel offended that Hollywood thinks that only sex and violence will entertain me. That actually turns me away from the movie, I do not want to see all that. I strongly prefer movies with quality plots as well. Sometimes I like to fall back on the old classic movies, but they are a few recent ones too. Movies like Dances with Wolves, Singin’ in the Rain, Life in Beautiful, Ever After, October Sky, and Finding Nemo were made in various years, but all have my vote for good, quality plot. (I have other recommendations as well, if anyone wants.) <img decoding=” title=”Very Happy” />

I feel that many movies could have been very good, if it were not for one or two scenes in a bedroom or scenes showing many details of killing. Most often those scenes are not crucial to the plot. If they [u:92314fz7]needed[/u:92314fz7] to show two people sleeping together for the purpose of the movie, show them walking into the bedroom and cut out of the scene soon after. Of if they [u:92314fz7]need[/u:92314fz7] to show killing, show the gun being fired and the guy fall and die, but we don’t need to see extended scenes of violence purely for entertainment. (Of course their are movies like Schindler’s List and Saving Private Ryan where violence and killing are not used for entertainment.)

For example, Titanic could have been a great movie, even educational (they put lots of work into recreating almost every last detail down to the china on the tables), but because of a few select scenes that Hollywood thought would sell the movie even more, that movie is put on my I-Don’t-Plan-to-See-It-Again list.

Wouldn’t you think the writers and directors would want a movie to sell because of its own excellent plot and acting and not because of sex scenes and/or killing and violence?