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I agree with you! I get distracted pretty easily cause so much ‘important stuff’ is going on, that when I do sit down my focus isn’t always in the right place. It usually takes awhile of simply trying to get my focus/clear my mind to allow God to bring to it whatever [i:103wiqql]He[/i:103wiqql] wants.

At first I thought you were going to equate your prayer to ‘agony’, which isn’t too far off the mark sometimes! Sometimes you just don’t get the ‘frosting on the cake,’ (emotional feelings/the high) from prayer- prayer is ‘dry’ in a way, but in perseverence that is even a greater demonstration of faith. Just as rainy days make the sunny days seem so great, ‘dry’ prayer pays off and grace kicks in when you honestly need it and then you just fall on your knees in awe and you just say to yourself ‘how in the world did I ever doubt before?’.

I have always found it interesting how easily usually we as Christians can talk about suffering and pain and death and ‘offering it up’ as if it is no big deal (of course we all know it isn’t the easiest). We have so much truth and hope through Christ that I take it for granted sometimes, that others understand exactly what that’s like. God shows up a million different ways in a day and when it all adds up it makes perfect perfect sense.

On a side note:
My priest from my hometown used to advise us that the best time to “stop praying was when you didn’t want stop.” <img decoding=” title=”Very Happy” />