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I think affiliating a particular religious group with a political party is dangerous – especially in terms of the Catholic Church which serves as more of an arbiter between the 2 sides. I will write more on that topic later because I am discussing some very interesting things along these lines in one of my classes (I guess all those thousands of dollars going to the state for an “education” are really worth something after all :rolleyes: ).

Anyway, I can’t believe that there would even be a law that would deny someone food and water because they cannot verbalize that they need it. I mean, that is just purely idiodic! How could anyone with even half a brain make a law like that much less a group of people?

And it’s nice to see some progress on this abortion thing. I think this topic will heat up more as the years pass, especially if Bush is reelected in 2004 and continues to support laws like this. Some of the comments I have on the abortion issue also lead to the comments I said I was going to make earlier so I will not go into those here, but in a separate post. <img decoding=” title=”Smile” />