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"LARobert":1hd2iv46 wrote:
Not unlike your postings which are of questionable orthodoxy, you accuse me of stating that you are a Sede, I simply pointed out that the subjects you refuse to answer, and types of questions you lead with are the same as the Sede crowd. If you have a point to make, and an argument to support it, do so. Ranting and accusing others of being Modernists, and heretical, who need to return home to the Catholic Church, only clouds the mists of your theological position, and obscures the teachings of the Church you seem to imply the Holy See and most all the Catholic Church has abandoned. A bit of clarity and honesty on your side would be refreshing.

State your position on these topics, and show evidence that we should give them any credence at all.

Some of the websites you have posted as proof of your position are so contradictory that it would seem you yourself do not know what you believe. One holds that a 24hour 6 day creation is the only postion a Catholic can hold, and Geocentric cosmology is likewise the only Catholic postion. Other websites you propose to support your teachings are supporters of Galileo and an understanding of a scientific understanding of creation that the Catholic Church has approved for orthodox Catholics to believe. I find myself wondering what you really believe.

You deny that the Magisterium and the Teachings which come from it are Catholic. You imply that as in the time of the Arian heresy we have to reject the majority of the bishops and theologians as modern day heretics, yet you show us no proof except that you and a few others who are not part of the magisterium say so. Come clear before the infection of your confusing posts robs you of what little credibility that you may still have.[/quote:1hd2iv46]
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