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I don’t chase geese. I go to reliable sources.

I will go to a source like the Catholic Answers website, (You know the forums there, as you used to post there.) if I need to cut and paste a passage from the Catholic Encyclopedia, after reading it for myself from my original set. But tend not to post or take Google searches as reliable, because there are sites which distort the truth, like the Catholic Family News, the Diamond Brothers, the followers of Leonard Feeney, those who support Chardain, or the Radical Nuns, and post non-truths. I verify before I accept Google links.

You will find among the pseudo-traditionalists, any number of conspiracy clinics, and assertions that are not based in truth, but have taken up a life of their own. That there was on singular Papal Oath, and all Popes from around the 7th Century have taken it is a fabrication, like the allegations that there is a throne in the antechamber in the Sistine Chapel which has a hole in it to confirm the sex of the newly elected Pope, and that he is not a castrati. Such fables are best left to Dan Brown and his highly inaccurate novels. As to the Migne text sometimes cited, I’ve seen the pages and they do not contain the supposed proof. Sadly there are those who chase conspiracies rather than practice the Faith. Worse they promote these fables, and lead many away from the Church.