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With regard to the quote on the Kolbe Center’s main page, Pope Benedict XVI used it when he was referring to an article which Cardinal Schönborn had written after a discussion with the then Cardinal Ratzinger. Later as Pope Benedict XVI he praised the article, which reads as follows.

[quote:25bgcrr4]The church, while leaving to science many of the details about the history of life on earth, teaches that the human intellect can discern a design in the natural world. Evolution is a very real possibility, but it is not an unplanned process of natural variation and natural selection. If God used evolution as the process by which he created the world and life, it was not a process he then left unguided to chance. We believe that God created the world according to his wisdom, not by accident. While an evolutionary process is well in keeping with Catholic teaching and biblical revelation, an unguided one, left to chance and outside the guidance of divine providence, is not.[/quote:25bgcrr4]
Quite a different statement when read in context. Just as the Catholic position which allows for some sort of Evolution to be believed if it is not devoid of God’s active will.