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"Andoru":31s6w47x wrote:
Hi Pamela,

I understand the gist of your concerns. In fact, I ask the same questions.

Catholicism can be viewed as “conservative” in comparison to other denominations and religions, and that poses problems and presents internal conflicts to catholics who are more, shall we say, liberal.

How do we attempt to reconcile these differences is something I cannot answer I’m afraid. I look forward to people’s input on this topic.[/quote:31s6w47x]
there appears to be many ulterior motives,hidden agendas and sinister motives involved that need addressing – answers and solutions are available but not accepted – just see that with the distribution of Priests some parishes will finish up with young buoyant Priests but not very experienced or good at homilies whilst older Priests would probably be better at homilies but in either case or any case the homilies will be different – a standard homily should be circulated by the local Bishop compiled by himself or someone selected and chosen by him so everyone gets the same teaching – there now exists a disunity and not a unity amongst Catholics as to exactly what the Church actually teaches especially as regards Evolution etc – twinc