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Inerrancy does not mean that some of the Truths taught in the Bible are not factual events. An example would be the Parables of Jesus. That the events in the parables did or did not happen as described is less important than the message that they convey.

If we read Chapter 1 of Genesis and then read Chapter 2 we read that the events which are depicted in the two stories of creation are told in different orders of events. Does this mean that one is the true history of events and the second is a lie? No, what we as Catholics understand is that if the events happened in the manner described, is secondary to the fact that all the universe, all spiritual and physical beings are and were created by God. That the universe was created by God out of nothing.

While there are some liberal clergy and layfolk who question or deny the Bible to be inspired by God, and question every last detail of the Scriptures, they do not follow the teachings of the Catholic Church. I suggest that you find either a Bible Study Group, or an online/mail course which is faithful to Catholic teaching. If you can find any of the old Catholic Truth Society books on the Bible, do so. Look for John Bevin Books in the UK, they carry quite a few good used Catholic books. St. Phillip’s Books is good too, but a bit more expensive. And if you are in the London area, there is a good book store in the Earl’s Court area, John Thornton Books (I’m not 100% sure of the spelling of Thornton, I remember it is on Fullham Rd. When you enter, it’s a small shop, nothing of religious interest, but when you go down into the basement, it’s a treasure-trove of Catholic, (and on the opposing wall) Anglican books.

After I return from Mass, or in the next few days at the very least, I’ll post the names of some good books on the Bible you should look for. Quickly though, Ignatius Hunt’s Introduction to the Bible, and Dom Orchard’s massive Catholic Commentary on the Sacred Scriptures, I’d stay away from the New or Revised edition.