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This novel doctrine that Peter was not the Rock, was invented by an Anglican bishop in the early to mid 1800’s and is not based on any historical truth. It has been disproven time after time, but contiues to circulate as an infallible proof that the claims of the Catholic Church which come to us from the time of the Apostles are unfounded.

The Catholic Church has taught the same truths that Jesus Himself gave it when he founded the Church on His Vicar, Peter to this day. Newly invented doctrines from Protestant ministers who are “moved” by the “spirit” to “Discover” something that was hidden to the Chrisitan world for 1500 to 1900 years do not have the credentials or marks of the spirit being the Holy Spirit.

Anyone who would put Peter, or his successors above Jesus, is not following the teachings of the Catholic Church. Anyone who teaches that the Catholic Church places Peter, or his successors above Jesus, is ill informed or a liar.