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"leegal":3fb3by06 wrote:
I honestly do not think I can make a regular confession because every day I come up with something I forgot, so you can guess at the seriousness of this reconciliation. I don’t feel that it would be a good confession if I leave afterward, only to remember dozens of things I forgot to mention or never thought of. A single reconcilation may take many weeks if I do this sin by sin, only to feel unresolved and unreconciled with all I have forgotten. But, if I make a general confession, the priest can guide me. I will not feel cleansed unless I am able to do this in a general confession that is going to take some time.

Am I overthinking this? My mother said she never heard of this, but I know because I have done this in the past – a long time ago.[/quote:3fb3by06]
Hello legal,
Paul points out seven deadly sins, [#7 is the Number of completeness] but there are 9.

It was put to me like this, the devil tempts us with each of 7 sins 7x a day. that’s 49x a day.

The more you dwell on sin the more likely you will. Going to confession is like telling on ourselves, the more we confess a sin, or the will to commit it strengthens us.

The Law tells men what to do, but gave them no power to do it. It was given to reveal to man his sin, not to be his savior.

In Christ and through His Church he has made us competent not by the letter of the law [the letter kills] but by the spirit which gives life [see 2Cor 3].

Guilt is of God which lets us know we made a mistake, shame is of the devil, it says we are a mistake.

Forget scrupulously! Get off what’s really bothering you! That’s what God wants you to take care of then.

I’ve been so deep in sin, it was like a onion peel effect… I didn’t realize what I had done til others shared it aloud… and then I sat back going, oh yea I did that… and back to confession. The spirit only gives us what we can deal with for that day.

I keep my eyes and ears open during the readings and the homilies @ Mass, and always reminded how foolish I have been, and how much more foolish I could have been without the Mass, Communion and confession.
Christianity is two steps forward one step back.. we just have to keep striving forward!

You’ll never shock or bore a priest @ Confession, but you both can share in the Joy of God’s forgiveness and absolution.

God bless,