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Further research on your postings all around the web seem to point to one of a few possibilties. First as you live in Italy and post in English and Italian, I’m hoping that some of your inconsistancies and misinformation is related to an incomplete understanding of english. I would hate to think it is an attempt on your part to mislead others.

[i:3em56vz5]The Los Angeles Slaves, and their connection to the Worster Sisters[/i:3em56vz5]

In conversation with the Brothers over lunch after Mass on Sunday, it would seem that my suspicions were correct. The Los Angeles group is not currently related to the Worster group. Rather they are connected with the New Hampshire “Monastic Community” The New Hampshire group admits openly that they are not canonically erected, or connected to the Worster group. While they call themselves a Religious Order and wear habits, they admit that they are a non-approved group of laymen. The Slaves in Los Angeles have no intention of submitting to the Local Ordinary for reception and do not wish to become canonically erected as they will have to do what the sisters in Worster did.

[i:3em56vz5]What the Sisters in Worster had to do[/i:3em56vz5]
While as I have mentioned previously, it is permitted for one to hold the strict interpretation of EENS, the Sisters like any honest Catholic also had to admit that the strict position is not dogmatic, and that a Catholic may hold BOD and BOB, as well as Invincible Ignorance. The sisters had to agree to this to be able to be regularized and have their houses canonically erected.

[i:3em56vz5]Proclaiming Someone to be heretical[/i:3em56vz5]
You continue to stretch the limits of the truth. While it is true that we have the obligation to point out heretical teachings, you have gone beyond that. First you cite things as being heretical that the Church says are not. Secondly and most importantly neither you nor I have the authority to act as judge and to proclaim someone a heretic whom the Church has not, most of all to act as judge of the Pope, and to make a public proclomation of him being a heretic.

[i:3em56vz5]Faulty Sources[/i:3em56vz5]
You deny any authority to accepted and approved sources which deny your private opinon as having dogmatic authority. You use sources such as the Diamond Brothers, a couple of 30 year old Sede Vacantists who hold that anyone who accepts any Pope after the reign of Pope Pius XII as being an Anti-Pope, and all who accept them as being non-Catholic. They have also stated that anyone who denies the Papacies of Popes since Pope John XXIII, but denies Fr. Feeney’s dogmatic assertions is a non-Catholic. Sadly that makes you a non-Catholic in their eyes, which means that you are excluded from the Church, and by your standpoint, Salvation. I’ll not drag on the other poorly researched sources on your Blog.

[i:3em56vz5]Intellectual dishonesty[/i:3em56vz5]
I’ve never read anywhere that Cardinal Cushing, Pope Pius XII or any other reliable authority in the Catholic Church has claimed what you assert; that an individual who is saved by BOD, BOB, or II is known to anyone except God. You take statements that have no mention of us being able to know or identify such a person, and assert that because we cannot name one person that they don’t exsist. Something not claimed by anyone or included in any argument by anyone but yourself, and a few others who cloud the issue with criteria that nobody else holds to. Hopefully it is just a combination of your faulty english and the poor scholarship of those who your follow.

All in all the Church allows for both the narrow interpretation of EENS and it allows for the belief in BOD, BOB and II, as long as anyone holding any or all of the views does so within the context of the teaching of the Church, that being that Salvation comes to all who God applies it to by the Cross of Christ, and through the Church. Any Non-Catholic who is saved is saved not through their false religions, (which may contain some of the truth) but by the Graces God dispenses through His Church.