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Either we have viewed a different webpage, or you are inventing information from the Sisters of St. Benedict web-site. The only webpage I’ve seen does say, [quote:so17i2bc]Eventually, four other communities of Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary were formed — one each in New Hampshire, Ohio and California, and a second one in Massachusetts. All of these communities are committed to defending the Church’s doctrines and promoting the Faith through publishing and teaching.[/quote:so17i2bc]
in it’s history section. Nowhere is Los Angeles mentioned, or that these other communities were received with their community back into the Church. If after reviewing the entire website, I may have missed what you are referring to, or if there is another secret site somewhere, please let me know. Otherwise I must surmise that it another of your inentions. A simple review of Canon Law governing Religious would tell you that the Bishop of Worster could only receive those who fall under his jurisdiction, and can only erect a canonilcal house within his own diocese. However you seem not to let facts interupt your arguments.

As to the letter to Abp. Gomez, well you are free to write him or publish an open letter, moreover since you seem to have taken upon yourself the authority and ability to condemn as a heretic everyone from the Pope to the local dog-catcher, and misquote, revise and misrepresent Catholic teaching to the point of making a mokery of the Church. The ramblings on your blog cannont be taken seriously as the interpretations you extract from offical Church documents are simply not recognizable when compaired to the source documents.

I did speak to one of the Brothers here today after Mass, and they warned me that your postings are in no way representitive of anything that they would ever endorse. Their argument with the Church is based (in their mind) on sound theology and history. They could not in charity comment on you or the information you have posted. The more you post here and after a prefunctory search of your information you have scattered across the web, prompt me to invoke the intercession of St. Dymphna for you. But it would seem that by standing up to your misrepresentation of facts, I will be, if I have not been already added to the list of heretics which in your supreme authority you see fit to promulgate with an authority higher (in your mind) than that of the Holy See.

You’ve also yet to answer the question about the salvation of the souls of Cats and Dogs. A discussion which not only during my seminary formation but in that of most, clerics I’ve spoken with, liberal and traditional has come up. Yes or No, Lionel, what do you pronounce? Otherwise I await something credible, from a credible website, not your blog, which contorts simple statements into something quite different from the original to be posted by yourself.