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The Letter from the Holy Office came as the final warning to Fr. Feeney before the Excommunication. Once again his Excommunication was imposed for his disobedience, he refused to stop publishing and preaching his teachings, he refused to return to the Jesuit house where he was ordered to remove himself to. He remained at the Slaves house which was not canonically erected.

That one of the houses (Worchester) has now been rehabilitated and allowed to hold the position they do on Extra Ecclesia, and not condemn Baptism of Desire and Baptism of Blood, is a new event. This one house is now cannonically erected, but was not when Fr. Feeney was in disobedience, the other houses have not been reconciled because they are not willing to maintain their strict opinon regarding Extra Ecclesia without condemning the writings of Pope Pius XII and other Popes and Theologians.

Again, Cardinal Mederios of Boston commented on the reception of Fr. Feeney back into the Church that it was because of the love and compassion of the Church that Fr. Feeney’s excommunication was lifted, no because the Church held his hard line position to be correct.

As to the articles you have posted, they all come from your own blog, and would based on that take the Feenyite position. Hardly an unbiased source. Like many who follow the Slaves and the Feeney spin on things. The Church does not reject the possiblity of the Feeney position, it simply and openly has stated that as we do not know the extent of God’s plan of salvation, that Catholics may believe God has provided other ways that somone who has not heard the Truths of the Faith can be saved. All of those are based on the once sacrifice of our Lord on the Cross, and the superabundant graces that are distributed by the Church, and not by false religions. To take one very narrow interpretation of the issue and on one’s own authority exclude the others before the Church has made an official declaration is quite prideful and presumes one’s superiority to the Magesterium.

There is another parallel today. The Society of St. Pius X, who are very active in the condemnation of Fr. Feeney and also have had their excommunication lifted, (remember only the Bishops were actually excommunicated, putting the priests and lay followers of the Society in peril of excommunication by following them.) However the Society remains without mandate or faculties because they thus far do not accept the authority of the Church. They pay lip service to the Pope, but continue to teach and act as if the Pope and Local Ordinaries do not exhist. The Society puts a spin on their position that they alone are the deposit of the pure faith, and that the Pope is not. So too the Slaves walk that fine line. What makes the Worcester group different is that they are allowed to teach the strict interpretation of Extra Ecclesia, but they also had to admit that it is not dogmatic, and that there are other as of yet defined postions including baptism of desire, and blood and invincible ignorance. The Feeney “brothers” who attend the Latin Mass at the parish I attend however condemn the Local bishop for not accepting their take on the subject, and have attempted to establish a priory in a one bedroom apartment without seeking the permission of the local ordinary, and have members of their priory who have no formation. Without canonical mission they cause discontent and foster disobedience to the local Ordinary by informing people that the Church is wrong and they are correct.