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I am a divorced catholic,and i was married to a non catholic by a catholic priest with his blessing. When i got divorced i dashed to see the priest,and he said do not worry it`s the law of the land. You go to court to sort out who gets the car,or the house,or the pet dog. Also it lets the government know, so that you can claim benefit`s or pay taxes,and all other goods and chattlels. The children, are a different matter you go to the Family Court,and this one his a real heart wencher. You still say the vows in a civil marriage. If you want to get married again in a catholic church you can.If you go and see your parish priest he will guide you. I said in another post i was brought up a very strict catholic,and mixed marriages were forbidden,and you committed a grave sin. The parish priest would have nothing to do with you,and added you are living in sin. It`s a load of rubbish. You are not living in sin. I can give you a example where 2 catholics are married,and are committing sin,and hardly anybody knows this. Bad for the church?
This goes higher than anyone thinks,because the Bishop of my diocese had a relation that was divorced. This opened the can of worms. I was on a retreat for divorced catholics,and a woman said to me if you want to get married to a catholic in a catholic church i know a priest that can do it. I can confirm that a number of priests that can do this.