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Depression which is a real medical illness, or committing suicide when one is drunk lessens the severity of the sin.[/quote:1pgi2v6h]
Just a thought: How can we say that a sin is “worse” or “less severe” when anything going against God’s will is a sin? Furthermore, what is even the criteria for a “really bad” sin? In your opinion, it may be committing suicide, but it my opinion, a “really bad” sin might be murder. So, therefore, rating sin based on “level of severity” is very illogical, and really, if my “little sin” isn’t as bad as your “severe sin”, it’s still sin, isn’t it?[/quote:1pgi2v6h]
The scripture discusses sin that leads to death which (1 John 5:16-17) and the constant teaching of the Church tell us that there are some sins which are more grave than others. Some which may lead to greater sins, others which cut off our relationship with God. While all sin is repulsive, not all sin cuts us off from the Graces of God.

Mortal sin is any sin that is very serious, the Church teaches that to be a mortal sin, it must be a serious matter, which we know is offensive to God and we willingly commit.
Remember, no sin is too bad for God to forgive. The Father sent His Son into the world to forgive us our sins. Through the action of the priest, Christ will forgive all of your sins in His sacrament of confession.

As we grow in faith and holiness, sins we overlooked or minimized become more horrid to us. If they do not, then we are probably not progressing in our spiritual life, and it may be time to seek out a holy priest who can be our Spirtual Director.