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i’m 15 years old and have been in and out of the Christian church, but always felt some what empty after leaving a service. i’ve been introduced to the catholic church and i want to know more about it. Some of my questions include:?[/quote:1q5z6kml]
[quote:1q5z6kml]Who are the saints and are they worshiped?[/quote:1q5z6kml]
Anyone who is living life in a state of God’s grace is a Saint. However the term is commonly used to identify those who are in heaven with God. Some of them have been acknowledged by the Church, and are honored as so, most are the souls of those in heaven who’s names we don’t know. Worship is due only to God. Saints may be honored or venerated, that is looked to as examples of great virtue and love of God. We as Catholics also believe that Death does not separate us from membership in the Church, so those in heaven are also members of the Church, and we know from the Bible that those in heaven can and do pray for us.
[quote:1q5z6kml]What is the Vatican?[/quote:1q5z6kml]
The Vatican is a small City-State within the confines of modern day Rome, it is where the central leadership of the Catholic Church is. As an independent state it it eliminate the influence of other countries. The Vatican is built on a hill outside of the original seven hills of Ancient Rome. While there are some Anti-Catholic groups that claim the Vatican the city built on the seven hills, it was outside the walls of the seven hills when the New Testament was written, and remains outside of the seven hills today.
[quote:1q5z6kml]How did the Catholic Bible come about-why is it different?[/quote:1q5z6kml]
The Protestant Bible is what was left of the Bible that the Catholic Church determined to be Sacred Scripture in the fourth Century and what was accepted by the Catholic Church before that time. Martin Luther and other Protestants removed several books from the Bible that did not agree with their new theologies in the 15th Century.
[quote:1q5z6kml]Is the Catholic Bible the only Scripture taught of in church?[/quote:1q5z6kml]
The Bible is the only Scripture taught by the Catholic Church. Scripture you will note comes from Scriptura, or writings. Nowhere in the New Testament does it state that the only source of revelation or truth is the Scriptures, nor does the Bible, Old or New Testament say which books are Scripture and which are not. There were several books that are not part of Scripture that individual Churches in Apostolic times held to be scripture which were rejected by the entire Church. St. Paul tells us to adhere to his teachings be they in writing or spoken word. The New Testament also tells us that the Apostles, and the Church are the pillar of truth, not a book. While the Bible is the written inspired word of God, it nowhere says it is the only source of revelation, but rather that the Church founded on the Apostles is the pillar of Truth.
[quote:1q5z6kml]Is there anything i should know?[/quote:1q5z6kml]
Leegal’s advice that you learn what the Catholic Church teaches from Catholic sources rather than sources that distort what the Church teaches are wise words.