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I’ll have to see what they are currently posting there, it’s been a few months since I read their site, they sound as if they are in somewhat the same position as the SSPX, ie they claim that the Pope is the Head of the Church, but are very selective about how and when they listen to him. Many Ultra Trads claim Vatican II was simply a Pastoral Council and did not define Dogma and with a wink and nudge they mean that it can be disregarded.

As to the Condom question. When Condoms were first marketed, they were sold to prevent the spread of disease. Later when they were marketed as a form of artificial birth control, the Church banned their use for such purposes. There is a similar issue with the Birth Control Pill. It was first developed and marketed for women who have very painful periods, to regulate and lessen the pain and hormonal surges. The Church still allows the use of the pill for women who have such severe problems.

From what I have read of the Pope’s pronouncement vs the news reports, he is saying that as a form or prevention of transmission of diseases most of all deadly diseases, the use of a condom may be justified. He does not condone extramarital sex or their use as birth control. Sadly his rationale for allowing their use is probably being ignored by many, as are his more numerous calls for chastity and monogomy.

A similar thing happened when Pope Paul VI relaxed the requirements for abstaining from meat on Fridays. He enouraged those who could maintain the old practice to do so, but for those who could not he commuted the abstaining from meat to some other act of mortification of the individuals choice to commemorate the great act of our Lord on Good Friday.