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"LARobert":3k1e8a96 wrote:
Fisheaters has much good information. However as you have suspected they are Sede Vacantists. Sede Vecante or the Chair is Vacant is authentically the period between the death (or in rare instances resignation) of one Pope and the election of the next. There are several Sede groups around, Fish Eaters is one who do not believe there has been a Pope since the death of Pope Pius XII.[/quote:3k1e8a96]
LARobert, I almost wrote this exact same thing, but then deleted it because I read the following on their website:

I believe Vatican II was a valid, pastoral Ecumenical Council convoked and approbated by true Popes. I believe the documents from the Council were badly and ambiguously written and that said documents need to be interpreted only in light of tradition instead of — as is all too often the case now — by the media and those with a revolutionary agenda.

I believe that Benedict XVI is the true Pope and that we must pray for him and his Bishops every day.[/quote:3k1e8a96]
I thought it used to be one of those sede-vacantist sites, but maybe something changed. It seems that Fisheaters advocates for a return to Traditional Catholicism, but accepts Vatican II and the pope, etc.