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"Yarelis":3l9upweb wrote:
=) MEN ARE NOT PERFECT AND MEN ARE ABLE TO LIE. only god is perfect so how on earth are [u:3l9upweb]priest and bishops able to say they on unfallable … when there have been many times where unfallable men of the catholic church corrected unfallable men…. even unfallable leaders of the catholic church corrected themselves[/u:3l9upweb]. … [u:3l9upweb]a priest was asked why they do the eucharist and is it infact a sacraficing ritual… and he said that catholics would say that the eucharist infact IS the sacrafice of JESUS ON THE CALVARY.. that ITS NOT A SEPERATE SACRAFICE FROM THE ONE JESUS DID ON THE CROSS BUT ITS ACTUALLY THE SACRAFICE ITSELF[/u:3l9upweb]. (youtube: Catholicism; Crisis of Faith) I am totally scratching my head at this. this totally goes against scripture… [u:3l9upweb]jesus was the one time sacrafice and it says in the bible there was no need for anymore sacrafice … so what was said by this PRIEST is in fact incorrect… this proves he is not unfallable. For priest believe that the leaders of the church get devine answers from god and what they say goes.. they cant make mistakes…. [/u:3l9upweb]so if I were catholic i would have to believe what he just said was correct…. = / … childish[/quote:3l9upweb]
I have to take exception here to some statements made. Emphasis added.

I wrote some where else on here about the Mass or taking of the Eucharist. I will repeat what I said before:

Luke 22:19; 1 Corinthians 11:24, 25 says: “Do this in remembrance of me.” The Greek word is [i:3l9upweb]anamnesis[/i:3l9upweb] which means remembering or recollection. It also means “memory.” I recall that the Mass is a recreation of the Last Supper whereby Christ sacrifices the bread and wine and destroys it and changes it into His body and blood. He also anoints his apostles as priests. No blood is shed until the next day — Good Friday. The mass is a commemoration of these two events — the Last Supper and Crucifixion.

The only person who is infallible is the Pope when he speaks [i:3l9upweb]Ex Cathedra[/i:3l9upweb]. I do not know that priests and bishops are able to claim infallibility.

Please correct me if I am wrong, as a Catholic.