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LARobert – Yes, that’s the thing about many Protestant sects, they get brainwashed into believing what they are told about the CC without even bothering to see if it is correct. I find that many are so deeply entrenched in their anti-Catholicism that all they do is accuse the CC of lying and keep repeating the same old diatribe “Catholics lie, Catholics lie!” If Yarelis would only have taken a little time and checked as to whether it is true that Catholics worship Mary, she would have found that the CC explicitly forbids the worship of Mary and came against a heresy in the fourth and fifth century known as Collydrianism.
But does that put the “Catholics worship Mary”, to rest? No. The SDA’s, worship anti-Catholicism and will disregard any facts to the contrary and prefer to wallow in their you-know-what.

Also a little searching and they would find that “The Sabbath” does not translate to “Saturday”, but actually just means day of rest and the early Christians started meeting on the first day of the week to celebrate “The Lords Day” which we continue to celebrate on Sundays.