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Again Yarelis shows the prejudices she has been taught about the Catholic Faith.

We should start here with the Worship of Mary and the Saints. If Yarelis read Catholic sources rather than the distorted lies about the Church she has been fed, she would know that the Catholic Church explicitly forbids the worship of anyone except God. Mary and the Saints may be given honor, and veneration, but never worshiped as God.

As for adding or taking away from Scripture, there are only two or three Protestant Churches that have not taken away from Scripture. Most Protestants and Protestant Bibles have deleted several books of the Bible that the Church has always accepted as Canonical. When you read the New Testament in the original Greek, you see that the quotes from the Old Testament are from the Septuagent (LXX) which includes all the books of the Old Testament found in any Catholic Bible. Jesus and the Apostles accepted the LXX, it was those teachings that Protestants did not want to accept which were contained in the books they deleted which caused Protestants to change the Bible.

Her Sabbath emphasis points to the errors of the SDA. If we are going to discuss adding to the Scriptures, early SDA beliefs included placing the writings of Ellen G While as equal to the revelations found in Scripture. While many SDA followers no longer follow this or other teachings that were formerly held by their sect, some still hold “Sister White’s” writings to be equal to scripture.

Without commenting further on the non-scriptural ideas in her posts I will note that one of the “proofs” of the non-chrisitan origins of the Catholic Church that the SDA promote is that the Tiara of the Pope has written across it, Vicaris Filii Dei. (Vicar of the Son of God) converting the letters into roman numerals you get the number 666. However none of the Papal tiaras have that written across them and it is not a title ever used by Popes. However if you use the same criteria to isolate the letters of the name Ellen G While into roman numerals, her name does add up to 666. Just an example of the poor scholarship and lengths that the SDA reaches to prove the faulty theology and history they profess.