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hi larobert
i left the church when i was 20yrs old (1978) due to being given a book to read called the two babylons by a hyslop,i went to an evangelical church,but then i eventually got satellite tv and started watching ewtn and did some research on the internet to prove catholics wrong,but found that sola scriptura was wrong eventually i read a book by ralph woodrow who is an evangelical but he totally destroyed hyslops book,and at last evry thing crumbled and as i say the holy spirit finally got through to me and i returned to the true fold.i then watched a dvd by dr brant pitre on the jewish roots of the eucharist and saw how in the tabernacle and temple the table of shrewbread represented gods presence when i checked up the hebrew word in strongs it showed the word shewbread meant bread of his presence,what an amazing faith we have.