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Basically, this again supports the exact thing I just told you Jim. The “Law” refers to Mosaic Law. But this does not exclude us from practising Christian works of Love and Charity. With your logic Jim, scripture contradicts itself and therefore this cannot be an interpretation of scripture that is lead by the Holy Spirit. Whereas the Church, which IS lead by the Holy Spirit, interprets scripture and teaches with authority which was established by Jesus Christ.

I explained this to you earlier. Furthermore, the Church never did (as far as I am aware of) stop Ex Cathedra Statements. The only made up nonsense sadly happens to be Sola Fide and Sola Scriptura. Hopefully, Protestants of all brands and all kinds will finally realize that the Catholic Church has always and will always be lead by the Holy Spirit, and will stop taking parts of the bible out of context to fulfill their particular denomination.