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I did not deny that the epistle of James is there. This website denies the existence of any Biblical texts stating that faith alone justifies our grace.

“”Nowhere in the Bible does it say faith alone. This is un-Scriptural, since Christ tells us that to enter into life we must keep the commandments, hear the Church, do the will of His Father and much more with faith. Yes, actions plus faith.”

I object to that quote from the publisher of this site. Its just not right and he clearly has not read the entire New Testament or he is ignoring the Pauline texts.

I am not disputing the admonitions of James. They are there propounding faith and deeds as justification. Also, Paul is there saying faith alone is justification. Both are there …. take your pick.

This is not me going against the Catholic faith, just against the quote from the publisher of this site.

With respect to the entire Catholic Faith I’d refer you to :