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Papa.Cod, I believe that it would be plain to see that the FSM is a parody (and a slightly funny one at that) and you don’t see anyone saying that the “catholics are so much better”, or at least I haven’t seen that in this thread so far. In terms of the Infallibility of the Pope, you must understand that we have these “certain circumstances” and protocols so that the faith will be organized, and at the same time clear enough so that average layperson will be able to understand what is, and what isn’t, taught by the Church. Furthermore, Who’s to say that the Roman Catholic Church isn’t right? Who’s to say that they aren’t? The truth, is that we have hope, faith, and trust in an institution that has lasted for 2000 years, has taught, even throughout the darkest days of it’s existence, sound doctrine, and there always have been, and always will be, members of the Church who have and will defend and continue it. As well as, and more importantly, we have trust in God and his only begotten Son. And I think that, although I may be unjustified to assume this, but I believe that I can say that for the 1 billion Catholics out there, we all agree on this. So, ultimately, yes, what is it to us that others have those beliefs? More importantly, what is it to you?