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What Are Catholic Virtues About Catholics

What are Catholic Virtues?

Ever heard of the expression “patience is a virtue” and wonder what that exactly means? What exactly are virtues and why is patience one of them? Let’s dive in and talk more about the catholic virtues and how they impact our lives.

Is unforgiveness a sin about catholics

Is Unforgiveness a Sin?

We go through a lot of hurts and pains in our lives and they are not all equal. Some hurts are deeper and bigger, which gives us a more difficult time forgiving. There are cases though that may result in unforgiveness, which can create a lot of different effects in our life. Is unforgiveness bad? is it a sin? How can this affect us as Catholics? as people? Well, let’s dive in a bit deeper and find out!

Is Hatred a Sin?

Most people say that hate is a strong word; when said in a very serious manner, it is something that can give a firm negative judgment or impression towards people, and things that may affect how a person sees something permanently. Is hatred a sin? Let’s find out!

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Is it a Sin to Overeat?

Let’s face it, we all love food! Food is good, it’s delicious, enjoyable, and pleasurable. But sometimes with the amount of food accessible around us, we tend to eat mindlessly causing us to overeat. Is overeating a sin? Well, let’s find out!

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Is Anger a Sin?

We all get angry. As humans, it is in our nature to feel emotions, and one of these emotions is anger. But this doesn’t mean that anger is a good thing or a bad thing, it’s something more complex and as Catholics, we should be aware of how anger can affect us, and the way we live as faithful stewards of God.

Are Crystals a Sin?

Crystals are even easily available now to buy from online or local shops and some are being encouraged to use in your everyday life. Is this something you should partake in as a Catholic? Are Crystals a sin? Well, let’s dive in a bit deeper.