Pray More Healing Retreat 2022

There’s Still Time For Healing

Suffering and pain are inevitable, it is part of our human lives. Just like what St. John Paul II said, “suffering is almost inseparable from man’s earthly existence.”  At times, suffering can lead you closer to Christ. And at other times, it can seem to lead you further away from Him.

If you’re in a state of suffering now or simply going through a tough season in your life and you want to spend more time with God we highly suggest you check out the Pray More Healing Retreat!

Healing at Your Own Pace

The Pray More Healing Retreat is a purely online do-it-yourself retreat. The Healing Retreat will be just like an in-person retreat that you can experience at home — anywhere, anytime. 

What Can I Expect from the Healing Retreat?

If you sign up, you’ll hear from six speakers, each of them giving a few video presentations focused on healing and growing closer to God.

Some of the talks are about healing from specific problems — things like loss, grief, painful experiences, heartbreak, physical and emotional wounds. Other talks are about God’s faithfulness in the darkest of times. Some are about what to do when you don’t receive the healing you’ve been praying for and working towards, and how you can keep pursing the healing, restoration and joy God has to offer.

In this retreat, You’ll be diving into Scripture, into Jesus’ healing ministry, and hear personal testimonies, to learn how we can grow closer to Him and receive the healing He wants for us — specifically for our hearts and souls. 

How Long Are The Talks?

Some of the talks are 10 minutes long, and others are closer to 20. You will be able to watch them whenever you have the time, or to download them and listen to them even while you’re on the go.

What Materials are Included in the Healing Retreat?

The retreat will provide you with a transcript of each talk, along with their reflective study guides.

Here are some of the talk titles that the speakers will tackle:

Putting God at the Center of Your Life
Growing in Trust in the Lord
Healing in Our Relationships with Others
Healing & Learning to Live with Grief
Healing and Moving Forward
Praying & Healing Through Past Memorie
Discovering Our Self-Worth in Christ
Healing from Shame from Our Sins

Where do I Sign Up for the Healing Retreat?

You can sign up for the Pray More Healing Retreat Here.

Healing Retreat Video Preview

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