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How To Observe the Advent Wreath Prayer as a Family

We came up with ideas on how you can observe the Advent Wreath Prayer as a family to strengthen your faith and prepare for the coming of Christ as a family. Advent is one of the most important celebrations that we have in the Catholic Church, and that’s because it is basically the preparation of Jesus’ coming. Families are God’s greatest blessings, it is the primary influence and impact of a person’s life and the Advent season is the perfect way to strengthen your family’s faith and love for Jesus Christ.

How to Pray the Advent Wreath With Your Kids

How to pray the advent wreath prayer as a family

For families that have younger kids, teaching them about the nativity scene is a great way to make them remember and understand the importance of Baby Jesus. By practicing praying the family advent wreath with them you are able to pave the way for them to understand that preparation for Jesus’ coming is important. If you’re thinking of how you can keep your children interested in this, you can incorporate storytime during the Family Advent Wreath prayer, and ending that story by lighting the respective candle for the week.

Offer Acts of Kindness

A great way to encourage your children and family members to actively participate in the Advent season is through offering acts of kindness. After praying the family Advent Wreath, every week, each person in the family will share with everyone the act of kindness that they would like to do for the week. This can be very simple such as helping mom do the laundry or making sure to share a snack with your friend at school or at work, etc.

These acts of kindness will help everyone to remember that part of Advent and preparation of Jesus’ coming is being a source of light and joy to others.

Set Aside Days For Fasting as a Family

Fasting is hard to do and sometimes it is hard to sustain especially if you’re doing it alone. Having a family fasting day is a great way to build support and honor the Advent season. This can be done in a much more simple way than in lent, for example instead of eating desserts after dinner every Sunday, you can change that with praying the Family Advent Wreath instead. Doing this as a family is an excellent way to foster closer ties and make the whole season of Advent more meaningful.

Attend an Online Catholic Advent Retreat as a Family

Attending a retreat during the Advent season is a special way to observe the season of Advent. It’s very easy to get distracted with the gifts, food, lights, and parties during Advent, hence, retreats help you energize your mind and bring your focus back to the Lord, especially during the busiest time of the year. Try attending an online catholic advent retreat as a family, and watch talks every after praying the Advent family wreath prayer. This will truly give you a deeper and more significant advent season with your family.

More Ways To Observe Advent

If you want to find more ways to observe the season of advent, you can check our post on Great Ideas for Advent for more inspiration. And A

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