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Everything You Need to Know About Holy Week

Holy Week is one of the most important weeks in the Catholic Church. Not only is it a part of the Lenten season, but it is also the week where we remember the life and death of Christ. In Holy Week, we celebrate Jesus’ love for us, as He died on the cross and resurrected for us to have eternal life.

If you find yourself a bit confused about what exactly is Holy Week, what are the critical days and dates that you have to remember, and want to know a bit of information about this vital week, well, we are here to help!

Palm Sunday

To start, Holy Week begins on Palm Sunday, which is also the last day of Lent. During Palm Sunday, the Church conducts a blessing of Palms to commemorate the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. The readings for Palm Sunday is known as one of the most extended Gospel readings since it narrates the story of the Passion of Christ.


The Triduum consists of three days to pray and remember three essential days in Christ’s passion. The Triduum begins on Holy Thursday and ends on the Easter Vigil celebration, which happens on Holy Saturday.

Holy Thursday

Holy Thursday can also called Maundy Thursday. During Holy Thursday, it is customary that the Catholic Church commemorates the Last Supper. The celebration of the mass happens on sundown, then a procession of the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament commences as the priests place it on the Altar of Repose. After this, there will be no masses celebrated again until the Easter Vigil.

Good Friday

Good Friday is the day that we commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus. It is also the second day of the Easter Triduum. On Good Friday, we do not celebrate mass; however, we observe three things on Good Friday: the Liturgy of the Word, the Veneration of the Cross, and Communion. Do take note that fasting and abstinence from meat are required on Good Friday.

Holy Saturday

Holy Saturday marks the last day of Holy Week and Lent. This day we prepare to celebrate the Easter Vigil at sundown. The Easter Vigil is the only mass that is observed during Holy Saturday. 

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday is a very important day, and it is the day that Christ rose from the dead, a day that symbolizes our Christian faith. Usually, families celebrate Easter Sunday by attending Easter Sunday mass and having a family easter feast to commemorate Christ’s resurrection.

Holy Week Dates 

The Season of Lent’s dates differ every year, and it is not something standard like other important dates of celebration in the Catholic Church. To find out this year’s Holy Week dates and timeline, you can check our Lenten timeline post here. 

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