Easter Sunday

A lot of people perceive that Christmas is the only important day of the Catholic liturgical calendar. Easter Sunday is as important, and in fact, has been considered as one of the most significant days and feasts in the Christian faith.

Importance of Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday is a significant day for Catholics and Christians all over the world. Because of Christ’s death, He eradicated the bondage of sin. Easter Sunday is the day that Christ resurrects and brings a promise of new life, as His resurrection also brings a day that symbolizes our Christian faith. As they say, without Christ’s Resurrection-without Easter, the Christian faith will not exist.

Easter Duties For Catholics

The Catholic Church urges all Catholics to receive communion during the season of Easter. To prepare for this, you must partake in the sacrament of reconciliation as a way to cleanse yourself and be ready to take the Eucharist. However, do take note that the Church encourages us to receive the Eucharist as frequently as possible and that this duty is just a minimum requirement.

Easter Sunday Mass and Easter Vigil

Easter Sunday Mass and the Easter Vigil can be confusing, but it’s actually quite easy to tell apart. For starters, the Easter Vigil always partakes during the sundown of Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday Mass is always celebrated on Easter Sunday itself. Both are masses that celebrate the resurrection of Christ but have different readings. The Easter Vigil has longer readings and is lengthier than Easter Sunday Mass, as there are sacraments ministered during the mass. It’s also wise to take note that if you have attended Easter Vigil, you no longer have to attend Easter Sunday Mass, as your obligation to attend Easter Sunday Mass has already been fulfilled.

Easter’s Date

Unlike Christmas, which is always on the 25th of December, Easter does not have a fixed date. To determine the dates of Easter, you must note that it always falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon, after the spring equinox. In addition to that, Easter always falls between March and April. To check out this year’s Lenten timeline and important dates, click here.

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