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A Guide to Catholic Baptism

Baptism is the first of seven sacraments and the way in which a person becomes a member of the Catholic Church.

As we look deeper into this topic we will cover several aspects.

Who Can Receive a Catholic Baptism?

Anyone who has not already been baptized can receive the sacrament of Baptism in the Catholic Church. The Catechism of the Catholic Church states that “Every person not yet baptized and only such a person is able to be baptized,” (paragraph 1246). Baptism leaves an indelible (permanent) mark on the soul and there is no way nor any reason that one could be re-baptized.

There are no age restrictions for baptism; you can be baptized as an infant, or as an adult. In other words, you cannot be too old or too young to be baptized.

Who Can Perform a Catholic Baptism?

Anyone can perform a baptism, however, this is typically done only in extreme cases in which someone’s life is in danger. The Catholic Church has ordinary ministers for sacraments and those are bishops, priests, and sometimes deacons. An ordinary minister is one who has the authority to perform the sacrament under normal circumstances. The ordinary minister of a sacrament can sometimes delegate this authority to others. For example, a bishop is an ordinary minister for Confirmation, but he can give permission to a priest to do a Confirmation. A priest does not have the authority to do a confirmation without the permission of his bishop. However, priests do have the authority to do baptisms without the permission of the bishop and sometimes delegate the responsibility to a deacon if one is available.

In the Catholic Church today, people are usually baptized as infants by a priest or deacon. There are extreme cases, however, when even an unbaptized person can baptize someone. All that is required is the will to do what the Church does when she baptizes, and to apply the Trinitarian Baptismal formula.

The Trinitarian formula is:

I baptize you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

If a non-Christian baptizes someone, it is usually because that person is dying and truly desires to become Christian. How is this type of Baptism valid, you ask? Well, the Church believes in the universal saving will of God and the necessity of Baptism for salvation (1 Timothy 2:4, John 3:5).

Can Someone be Baptized Twice?

Baptizing someone twice is not necessary so long as the person was baptized in water using the Trinitarian formula described above. The only way someone could be “baptized twice” is if the original baptism was not valid. However, this would not actually be a second baptism because the first “baptism” was not a real baptism.

One way a baptism could be invalid is if the person baptizing uses a formula like “I baptize you in the name of the Creator, the Redeemer, and the Sanctifier.” In very unusual cases, someone might be baptized without water. This would also be an invalid baptism, even if the Trinitarian formula were used. In response to a water shortage, Pope Gregory IX actually issued a decree saying that it was not valid to baptize someone in beer!

Does the Catholic Church accept baptisms from another church?

Yes, the Catholic Church recognizes any baptism that uses water and in which the person baptized was baptized with the Trinitarian formula. Some churches do not use the Trinitarian formula for baptism and thus their baptisms are not valid.

Why are Children Baptized?

Children receive baptism primarily to remove original sin but can serve as a great family tradition to initiate one’s child into the faith of the family. Infant baptism has been debated for centuries. First, let us appeal to the Bible. John 3:5 says, “Jesus answered, ‘Amen, amen, I say to you, no one can enter the kingdom of God without being born of water and Spirit.'” Note that Jesus says “no one” can enter heaven in that passage. In the spirit of brevity here is the short answer straight from the Catechism:

“The practice of infant Baptism is an immemorial tradition of the Church. There is explicit testimony to this practice from the second century on, and it is quite possible that, from the beginning of the apostolic preaching, when whole “households” received baptism, infants may also have been baptized,” (Acts 16:15,33; 18:8; 1 Corinthians 1:16).
(Catechism of the Catholic Church, paragraph 1252)

Early Christian Evidence of Infant Baptism

There is significant evidence in the early Church that children were baptized.

St. Irenaeus wrote one of the most important works of the early Church Against Heresies, in the late second century. He states that people of every age, from infants to the elderly, have been reborn in God. Given that early Christians described rebirth in its relationship to baptism, the most reasonable interpretation of Irenaeus’s words is that people of all ages were baptized within 150 years after the Resurrection of Jesus.

By the mid-third century, there was controversy about infant baptism. However, this controversy was not about whether it was okay to baptize infants. Rather, the controversy concerned whether to baptize babies as soon as possible or whether to wait until the eighth day after birth to baptize. The reason for waiting until the eighth day was to reflect the Jewish custom of circumcision. The Jewish practice was to circumcise baby boys on the eighth day. St. Paul had explicitly compared baptism to circumcision in his letter to the Colossians (2:11-12), so it makes sense that this comparison might lead to controversy about when to baptize infants.

The Gift of Baptism

When it comes down to it, baptism is a gift from God to humanity. Baptism initiates us into the family of God and cleanses us of sin. We do not need to earn this gift. God gives it freely to all who are open to it. For someone who is baptized as an infant, the personal response of faith comes as the child grows to respond to the graces given in baptism.

Baptism is connected to faith, and this connection is not lost when an infant is baptized. The Apostolic Tradition (usually attributed to St. Hippolytus) was written in the early third century. It states:

Baptize first the children, and if they can speak for themselves let them do so. Otherwise, let their parents or other relatives speak for them.

Today, the Church still recognizes the connection between faith and baptism. When a child is baptized, the parents’ faith speaks for the child who is too young to have explicit faith on his or her own. This is why the Church requires a reasonable hope that the parents will raise the child in the Catholic faith before a child is baptized.

What does the Grace of Baptism accomplish?

Baptism does five things specifically.

  1. It forgives all sins that may have been committed prior to a person’s baptism including original sin, mortal sins, and venial sins, and it relieves the punishment for those sins.
  2. It makes the newly baptized person “a new creature.”
  3. It turns the person into a newly adopted son of God and a member of Christ. Baptism incorporates a person into the Church, which is the body of Christ.
  4. It brings someone into the flock of the faithful and brings them to share in the royal priesthood of Christ (1 Pet. 2:9-10). Catholic baptism gives a share in the common priesthood of all believers and it also brings about the sacramental bond of the unity of Christians. Paragraph 1271 of the Catechism says it best:
    Baptism constitutes the foundation of communion among all Christians, including those who are not yet in full communion with the Catholic Church: “For men who believe in Christ and have been properly baptized are put in some, though imperfect, communion with the Catholic Church. Justified by faith in Baptism, [they] are incorporated into Christ; they, therefore, have a right to be called Christians, and with good reason are accepted as brothers by the children of the Catholic Church. Baptism, therefore, constitutes the sacramental bond of unity existing among all who through it are reborn.”
  5. Last, but certainly not least, baptism leaves an indelible spiritual mark (character) of belonging to Christ on the soul. Nothing you can do will take away this mark even if you sin a million times. Those sins may prevent you from being open to the salvation God offers through baptism, but you will always carry the mark of a Christian on your soul, therefore making re-baptism impossible.

Can Someone Receive the Grace of Baptism Without Being Baptized?

Yes, those who die for their faith but were never baptized receive the grace of baptism. This is often called baptism by blood – being killed for your faith and never, not even for a second, compromising it. Also, those truly seeking baptism, but are unable to receive it due to extenuating circumstances (for example, if they die before they can be baptized) can receive the grace. This is called ‘baptism by desire.’ If the person has an explicit desire for baptism and is repentant of their sins then they will receive these graces.

What is the Form and Matter of Baptism?

The form of a sacrament is the words that are said when performing or receiving the sacrament. In the case of Baptism this would be, “I baptize you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.” The matter of a sacrament is the physical signs that are used. In the case of baptism, water is the matter of the sacrament.

What is the Role of Godparents?

Godparents for Catholic Baptism are like sponsors for Confirmation. However, they take on a different role since usually only children have godparents for baptism. Their role is to take over or assist in the faith development of the person being baptized. This is especially important in the event that the parents cannot or do not adequately raise their children in the faith. Godparents can also be helpful through their prayers and example even if the child’s parents fulfill their own promise to raise the child in the faith. Therefore, the faith of the godparents is important in fulfilling the baptismal promise of being raised in the Catholic faith.

The Seven Sacraments

Baptism is one of the Seven Sacraments of the Catholic Church. Sacraments are celebrations and milestones in our relationship with God and are a must for a Catholic to go through in his/her life. Participating in sacraments is also God’s way to show us His graces and love that invites us to salvation with Him.

If you want to know more about the Seven Sacraments of the Catholic Church, we highly encourage you to read about The Holy Eucharist, Confession, and, Confirmation, as these are the next sacraments to be taken after Baptism.

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  1. Llecenia Villalobos

    Quick question, so my boyfriend and I want to baptize his 4 year old nephew but he has done everything in the Catholic Church from being baptized and having is first communion, but me on the other hand was baptized in the Catholic Church, never did my first communion or any of that and I was also baptized in the Christian church. He tells me I probably can’t baptize his nephew because I didn’t do anything more than just get baptized in the Catholic Church… would I be able to be our nephew’s godmother??

  2. What can you do if you and your husband have no family and wish to baptize your baby? This means we have no one and do not know anyone that. An be a godparent. Does this mean my baby cannot not get baptized?

    1. I’m in a similar situation. One priest who I know well will be my godparent/witness, the other will carry out the baptism.

  3. Hi,can anyone help us out with a situation we recently experienced? We are not catholic,but need an answer.Some close friends of ours who are catholic recently adopted a 14 year old girl from an orphange and had her baptized and christened two weeks ago.We were invited to the ceremony at sunday morning mass and were surprised to see the girl dressed in a white,below the knees,short sleeve baptism/christening gown and bonnet with lace socks and white shoes and under the gown she had a white undershirt with a cloth diaper and plastic pants over it! After the mass,i asked her mom about the outfit and she told me that it was the required outfit that she had to wear since she was newly adopted.We thought it was a little unusual,but the mom told us that they have had other teen girls baptized at their parish who had to wear the same outfit.Has anyone ever seen this or heard of it? please fill us in?

    1. Often girls will wear white dresses for baptism to represent purity. I have NEVER heard of diapers or bonnets on older children. Frankly, that is disturbing. I adore being Catholic and Have been a Youth Minister and worked for the church for 25 yrs…. this is not how it is normally done in the States.

    2. I have a couple of friends that have adopted orphans from other countries. Many of them have been disabled in various ways and not potty trained. Hence the use of a diaper/ plastic pants to not cause a distraction would have been appropriate.

  4. Sophie Mullarkey

    Hi, I am a baptised Christian, despite my family being of strong catholic background. I have lately felt a pull towards the catholic faith and have begun to attends mass at my local parish. I have discussed my feeling with the priest and have signed up to commence a conversion with with begin in December and I will receive my confirmation in Easter. I have asked the priest if my son who is 4(who I wish to be raised in the catholic faith) could be baptised by Christmas, as this would ensure his acceptance into a catholic school. Although my priest stated he would have happily done this, he has discussed the issue with his decon, and he has refused. I have been told that because I won’t technically be a Catholic until Easter they won’t baptise my son.
    I am very upset by this, as it would mean a lot to me for my son to attend the catholic school and actively follow the catholic faith along side myself. His dad is also a Christian ( non practicing) but very supportive of my wishes. Does anyone have any advice?

    1. Richard Furman

      Call the diocese. Request the bishop to intervene. The deacon is wrong. The priest is wrong. There is every probability that the child will be raised Catholic. Your chosen Godparent will be a Catholic in good standing and should assist if you need help. Were you baptized Catholic? Your statement of being from a family with a strong Catholic background indicates that you may be. This certainly would strengthen your case. You have every right to request your son be baptized, and not wait for your confirmation. THAT CONDITION IS NOT A REQUIREMENT OF THE CHURCH !!!

      – Deacon Rick Furman

    2. Do your parent/Parents belong to a Catholic church then you can have your child baptized under them. I belong to a parish Roman Catholic and as long as the grandparents are members of the church they will baptize the child.

    3. Deacon Rick Furman

      Your priest and deacon do not know their Canon Law. It specifically says: Code of Canon Law, cc. 867-868; Catechism of the Catholic Church 1251) In order that a child be baptized, it is necessary that the parents consent, or at least one of them, or someone legally standing in their place, and that there is reasonable hope that the child will be brought up in the Catholic Faith.

      I would call the diocese and appeal to the local bishop if necessary to get them to change this. It frustrates me to see both Deacon AND Priest ignorant of church law in this matter – Deacon Rick

    4. Maybe you should address this matter with the diocese of your region. They might have another solution to baptizing your son at an earlier date inspite of you not being an official catholic. I don’t see how what you’ve stated should interfere with your son being baptized. Good luck and God bless you and family.

  5. I currently have custody of my grandchildren and my grandson will be making his confirmation next year and needs a sponsor. Can I be his sponsor? I’m his grandmother but I’m raising him. Will this be a problem?

  6. I want to baptize my three children (ages 8, 4, and 2), but have no one to be the godfathers. I only have the godmothers. Can I baptize them with just their godmothers???

    1. The Church requires only one godparent of either gender. There is no need for “one of each” even though that is the custom.

    2. According to Cannon Law, anyone who is over 16 and received the Sacraments of Initiation: Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation can become a Godparent – if they understand the responsibilities of being a Godparent. It is not necessary for there to be two Godparents but if two are chosen one must be male and one female. There may be a maximum of 2 Godparents. The Godparents must be active in the church – and by active they mean they must attend weekly Mass and have gone to confession according to the teachings of the church.
      At the discretion of my parish priest, my niece has two godmothers. Check with yours. God bless.

      1. Hi, i just read your comment about your niece having two godmothers, i don’t have a godfather for my daughter but i have two godmothers, after two yrs in cathesism in order to be baptised my daughter wont be able to donit as de coordinator of the program wouldn’t let us, do you know what church your niece got baptized? Thanks so much in advance

        1. You have to say: I baptize you in the name of the Father, of the Son, and the Holy Spirit. You also need to sprinkle water on their forehead while you say the words. If you say different words and/or have no water, it won’t be valid. If the person survives they’ll have to go to a church and tell a priest who will record the date of the baptism and they might do a ceremony (not sure about the ceremony) but the valid date of the baptism is the day you baptized the person.

  7. What happens when a child(12years old) decides to get Baptized in a Non-denominational church…She was Baptized Catholic when she was a baby and not her choice and now wants to get baptized because it is her choice…What are the responsibilities now of the Catholic godparents??? Do they still live by the oath they took at that original Catholic Baptism or is that oath now moot???

    1. What happens? She gets wet. She may get a happy feeling. Her relationship to the non-denominational church may change. But in the end, she gets wet. The responsibilities for her godparents do not change. In fact, if they had carried out their responsibilities from the beginning (which they may have), she may not have had the desire to associate with this ND church.

  8. I am 59 years old this year and have been a practicing Catholic all my life. I have been given permanent care of two of my grandchildren, the eldest having been baptised before he came into my care, the younger one was not. I have taken the children to mass every Sunday and they are at the local Catholic primary school. Eight years ago I went to the local Parish office and enquired about getting the younger child baptised. They told me I couldn’t do anything until I had Permanent Care of the children. In the meantime, I continued to go to mass every Sunday and educate them in the faith. The oldest child made his First Reconciliation, then he made his First Communion and during this time I got Permanent Care of the two children. I went back to the Parish office and showed them the certificate of PC which they photocopied for their files. I booked into the course we had to take before Baptism and paid the money for the course. I was informed at the last meeting by the Parish Priest that he would not be baptising my child. I continued on hoping that I would be able to get the child baptised. During one of the eldest child’s classes for his First Reconciliation I spoke to a nun there about getting the younger child baptised as the administration had changed and there was a new Parish Priest and different nuns. The nun said I would have to sit the baptism classes again and pay the money again and that she would see what she could do. I agreed and was very respectful at all times as I had been educated by nuns all my life and realised the value of these selfless workers and admired them greatly for their sacrifice to God. I waited patiently. I often saw the nun at Sunday mass and would exchange pleasantries with her and she would tell me she would see what she could do, the oldest child was an alter boy by now, which I encouraged and took him to class, then he served at mass not only when he was rostered on but every Sunday. After sometime when I again asked this nun when I could get this other child baptised as this had been going on for nearly two years the nun told me I was probably not a Catholic and if I wanted the child baptised I would have to prove that I was a Catholic even though she frequently saw me at mass and receiving the Eucharist – from memory she even gave me the Eucharist on occasions. I was completely shattered. I could tell that there was something about me that the nun could not stand because her demeanour towards me was always curt to say the least even though I always treated her with the utmost respect and showed outstanding patience when it came to trying to get this child baptised. Anyway, long story short, she gave me like a month to prove to MY PARISH that I was a Catholic. I can’t say anymore than I was shattered. I couldn’t shake the feeling that we were unwanted in the Church anymore and it wasn’t until I was looking at the home page of our Parish that it struck me why they didn’t want us as part of their Parish. We are WHITE, we are Australians and we are white Australians and looking at the sea of brown and black faces on the home page photo it became obvious just why we were not wanted. It has been about eight months since all this happened and my children are still at the Catholic Primary school and that is only because I hadn’t paid all of last years school fees so I didn’t want to pull them out while I owed the school money. I have been paying them off along with this years fees this year and will soon be all paid up and not owe the school one red cent. I am not sure whether I will then pull them out before the end of the year and start Term 4 for this year at a different school or wait until the end of the school year and then transfer them over to a new school. I still have a couple of months to decide what is best for the children. There is one thing I do know though, I will be pulling them out of the school and it will be a cold day in hell before I step into or take the children into a Catholic Church again.

    1. Please. Find a welcoming Catholic church. Do not let her/ them do this to you! I SO understand you and wish we were neighbors so I could help you. Try the chancery of your diocese; do not leave the practice of religion especially for your grandomes who obviously have been through enough. I am praying for you as I read this while looking up something for another,

      1. Dear Colleen,
        I cannot believe what I am hearing. I ama practicing Catholic and I am ashamed at the way you have been treated. I agree with Rose and you need to get the diocese involved. Which school is this. The whole point of being Catholic is about accepting everone. I understand about taking a course if you are not Catholic. But why takea course. usually the priest calls the paretns/guardians in to his home and talks with them. And meets up with God parents to explain what happens and what their responsibilities are. How are these people instilling the message of God into peoples hearts by pushing you away like this? I would really like to know which school this is?

    2. Sweet Colleen, praying for peace for your heart. Praying for your precious grandsons. Praying for all of the details. My heart aches reading your sadness. I encourage you, persist, seek Jesus, rest in Him. And please search for another church where you feel His grace, His love, and His peace. I pray for your grandson, for his heart and his desires and his faith, and for Jesus’ perfect timing regarding where/when he receives his sacraments. Grace and peace to you.

    3. I have seen many “within the faith” whom are not correct in the interpretation of Catholic beliefs. I was taught by nuns growing up that we are on earth to be tested for entrance into heaven. I strongly believe in this view. Our tests sometimes come from within our own church. Stay strong and I hope you do not allow a “human” keep you and your grand children from God. Pass this test and seek a better physical church that embraces the openness that is a hallmark of Catholic Faith.

  9. Hi my daughter wants to have her baby christened in a different church not in our suburb. She was told she needs a letter to release her from the church in our region. The priest is being difficult and not wanting to allow this. What can we she do? We are wanting to have a double christening in a different church.

    1. Please. Find a welcoming Catholic church. Do not let her/ them do this to you! I SO understand you and wish we were neighbors so I could help you. Try the chancery of your diocese; do not leave the practice of religion especially for your grand ones who obviously have been through enough. I am praying for you as I read this while looking up something for another,

  10. Hello !!!!!!!!!
    I am a Catholic BY birth and was BAPTISED IN A CATHOLIC CHURCH !!!!!!!!!!
    LATER I received my BAPTISM OF COMFIRMATION when I was 12
    I loved my confirmation name as MARJORIE but the BISHOP named me wrongly as MARGARET !!!!!!! He did not even discuss with me earlier BEFORE THE CONFIRMATION CEREMONY !!!!!!!!!

    So I wonder which name GOD will called me in the BOOK OF LIFE ???????????

    YEARS later , my late husband died ; I CHANGED my name under a DEED POLL

    THANKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Bernadette Mary

      My Baptism name is Mary, my Confirmation name is Felicity. We choose a confirmation name to honor a saint whose qualities we admire and or from whom we would like extra help and guidance in our life as soldiers of Christ. The Bishop probably “chose” Margaret because it was close to your given name and you were probably holding up the ceremony because you didn’t understand that all you needed was one more saint chosen to pray for you! God knows how many hairs you have on your head, he knows about your confusion and your lack of education in the Catholic Religion. He would surely love it if you would stop being frustrated and start making efforts to learn more about Him and His Religion.

      1. @ Bernadette Mary…You do not speak for God and neither does anyone else in these comments, therefore, in my opinion you should be ashamed for your rudeness and learn to be more helpful and compassionate with another’s inquiries if you are going to “comment” on their request for helpful information….Bless your heart and your facetious soul.

    2. Your confirmation name has no legal meaning, therefore is doesn’t matter what they put on the paper. Just forget about it and go on with your life.

  11. Myself and my daughter have been baptized. I would like her son to be baptized. He is 4. Although we don’t go to Church every week and are not registered to any parish, I was wondering if we can still have him baptized in the Catholic Church.


      u can get ordained by universal life Church n do urself or family or friend..but u need to register to get ordain…

  12. my son was adopted and I am one of his managing conservators by court order, he has been with me since he was 1 month old. His biological parents are not in his life nor is his adopted mother. Can I have him baptized even though I am not his parent on his birth certificate?

    1. Bernadette Mary

      Since you are responsable for him and his defacto mother, you can make this choice for him, until he is of age to make his own choices. You making the choice for him engages you to bring him up in the Catholic Faith.

  13. My partner is catholic but due to where we lived before our daughter got baptised in the name of the father,and of the son and of the holy ghost in a church of England church. We want to apply to schools now she is older and my partner would like her to go to a catholic scho which requires proof of baptism. We have the certificate of baptism but due to the church being coe would they put that against her?

    1. Kathleen Catanella

      Hi Kirsty, She shouldnt have any problem attending a catholic school as many students attend who are not Catholic. One point to note is that at Catholic Schools, christian principals and catholic doctrine are taught to the students and as your daughter is a Christian, it would most likely not be opposite to your beliefs. It has been my experience that all students are welcome regardless of belief.

    2. Deacon Rick Furman

      The Church of England has a valid Baptismal Rite. She is validly baptized and the baptism should be recognized and accepted. – Deacon Rick

  14. My son who’ s 21 has asked if he can be baptised, given his age am I correct that he don’t have God Parents?

    1. Hi .
      your son can join the rcia (the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) class where instruction on the Catholic faith will be give ,and he will get all 3 sacraments at the same time •Baptism.•Eucharist.•Confirmation

    2. Bernadette Mary

      He won’t need God Parents but he can have a “sponsor” for the adult Baptism ceremony, which includes Confirmation. Sponsors help and pray for the person about to be Confirmed.

  15. Can a person be baptized after death? I was questioned at work by a non Catholic Christian who attended a funeral mass at a Catholic church. The ashes of the deceased were baptized. I was not aware this was accepted. What are the rules in this regard?

    1. Hi Grey .
      The answer is NO .but at the very end just before the body in this case the ashes are take away the Priest would have sprinkle the coffin with holy water only the final prayers are been said .

  16. I have a question. we are looking to get my daughter baptism. we are wanting a godfather that is greek orthodox and a god mother that is catholic. is this possible and would he loose his orthodox standing in his church

    1. You technically only need one sponsor who is Catholic so the godmother would fill this role. He can be considered a “Christian witness”. He should ask questions pertaining to his religious or church standing with his own church/own denomination

  17. If I get my son baptized in Catholic Church even if I am not catholic and my husband is Catholic will my son be labeled Catholic once he is baptized?

  18. Hi, me and my children were baptised last year but not in a Catholic Church, iv always seen myself Catholic and want my children to be Catholic. I did mention this to the priest and he said this is fine to do in a Church of England church? Do I need to contact a Catholic Church? Also I no of no one that practices catholic religion to be my childrens godparents?

    1. Bernadette Mary

      If you want to be Catholic, you should go to a Catholic Church, and talk to a priest. He can recommend catechism classes, and he can recommend people willing to help you and your children to learn the Catholic Faith.

  19. i’m Catholic but I was marred in Anglican Church and now I can’t able to Baptize my Daughter in any Catholic Church as priest said that I have to marry my wife in Catholic Church and after that I can Baptize my Daughter.
    I don’t know what to do in this situation.

    1. baptism does not depend if the parents are married or not, as long as the intent of the parents is clear and true that they desire that their children is to be baptized in the catholic church. In your case since you are a catholic it is your duty and your responsibility to let your child be baptized in the catholic church. The law is that, for an infant to be baptized the parents or at least one of them or the person who legitimately takes their place must consent, and that there must be a founded hope that the infant will be brought up int he catholic relegion; if such hope is altogether lacking, the baptism is to be delayed according to the prescripts of particular law after the parents have been advised about the reason (code of canon law, 868). If you want you daughter to be baptized present yourself to the nearest parish, and present your case to the pastor or to the parish priest of that Church.

    2. Bernadette Mary

      If you are validly married outside of the Catholic Church, then you are married until death do you part, as the two Baptized spouses confer the Sacrament of Marriage on each other; the Catholic Priest only officiates, and blesses the Marriage, and offers the Nuptial Mass for their intentions. If there is some question about the validity; it needs to be cleared up and then you could get your married “regularized” in a Catholic Church, which would be a private ceremony in the Sacristy.

      1. Deacon Rick Furman

        If one is Catholic and gets married outside the church (Anglican or otherwise) without the permission of the Catholic Bishop, IT IS NOT A VALID MARRIAGE IN THE EYES OF THE CHURCH ! Valid Catholics (baptized or having accepted the faith later) are REQUIRED for follow the Form of the Church, in other words, get married by a priest, bishop or deacon OR receive permission by the Bishop to get married otherwise (different situations apply). Bernadette Mary implies that “you are validly married outside of the Catholic Church” is misleading. It is NOT valid sacramentally and not recognized by the church. The term she uses is “regularized” – This is also somewhat misleading. You actually go through the actual, valid, marriage ceremony (albeit can be rather low-keyed without the typical fanfare). Otherwise, you are considered to be living in sin, outside the norms of the church and are not allowed to receive the sacraments. – Deacon Rick

  20. I am a practicing, cradle Catholic. Now 48 yrs old. Catholic Grammar School, High School & even College. Have 3 daughters. 18, 16 & 13 yrs old. Older 2 received all the Catholic Sacraments. My youngest- 13 yrs old- attends Catholic Church with us, however, goes to a Non Denominational Youth group, which she really enjoys. Our Catholic church does not have a youth group for middle school years. And the High Scool Youth Group not very good. She/my daughter, wants to attend church at the non denominational Christian church. Some of our friends attend this church. I’ve been to a few ‘worships” (masses). It is very good. Very much promotes- find a good church that grows your personal relationship with Jesus. Very bible, scripture based, very good music, much more appealing to youth (& me, to be honest), than the Catholic Mass. My wife & I are at odds on this. I told my daughter we, she & I, can do this church sometimes. However, she needs to complete Parish School of Religion(PSR) at our Catholic Church & be confirmed(this year, 8th grade). She ‘s OK with this. My wife says I promised at my daughter’s Baptism to raise her in the Catholic church. Doing some research- I’m finding conflicting statements. I’m seeing the words- raised in the Christian Faith- more than Catholic. What did I promise & say at my daughters Catholic Baptism- exact words & interpretation. Again, I’m seeing ‘Christian Faith”- more than “Catholic Church.”

    1. Your story sounds very much like my own story- with me being the 13 year old (many years ago). I am a strong believer in the truth that we are all Christians. Many Catholics call themselves Catholics and are so indoctrinated in that fact that they fall to realize of recognize that Catholicism is a denomination of Christianity- not it’s own religion per se. This is actually a very big sadness for me. So I think it’s wonderful that your daughter is finding a Christian “home” that she enjoys, feels comfortable in, and most importantly feels connected to and is allowing her to grow in or maintain her Christian faith- which started in her foundation of attending the Catholic Church. And I like you find that I get a lot more out if attending Protestant church services- and in particular non- denominational services- rather than catholic services. The worship )music) and sermon tend to resonant much stronger with me. So isn’t that the point? To continue or grow in our Christian faith- whether that be attending a Catholic or Protestant church. I move freely between the two and I hope the same for my children. So I’ve baptism zed all three in the Catholic Church and my oldest is starting religious ed classes towards communion this year. I think it’s important to stress to your wife the importance of your daughter finding a Christian (which includes Catholic don’t forget!!) “home” that she identifies with and feels comfortable in especially during this critical and formative period in her life. It’s so easy to get lost during this time- and sometimes not find your way back. So wouldn’t it be better to allow her to attend both and feel connected and grow in her faith rather than be forced to only attend Catholic services or groups where she may become resentful, or at least become stagnant or even move back words in her religious faith or foundation? I truly do wish that Catholics, in general, were much more inclusive in their view of their own denomination of the Christian faith as well as the many other denominations- rather than exclusive, which I find so often to be the case. Best wishes to you and your family and kudos to you for what sounds like such a smart and well rounded daughter. I hope to be able to do the same with my three (boys) – and it is not any easy job!

      1. Sorry Cali mom of 3, the Catholic Church isn’t a denomination of Christianity, it is Christianity. All protestant churches claiming to be Christian are actually practicing heresy, even though they may contain some elements of the Truth. When they split from the Catholic Church following the Protestant Rebellion in 1517 they left the One True Faith. I don’t mean to sound critical but even though a protestant service might make you feel good you cannot participate in the most important part of worship – true Communion with Jesus Christ in the Sacrament of Eucharist. If you want to feel good on Sunday morning why not just sleep in or catch a concert in the park.

      2. The Catholic church is the orginal Christian Church. The other denominations broke away starting with Martin Luther and John Calvin (other demonimation began by breaking from these two) and the Ana-baptist, as well as later the Church of England which the Methodist broke away from. The Catholic Mass is not ment to entertain! It is the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for our salvation. Catholics should be going to mass to worship God and thank (the meaning of the word Eucharist) Jesus for His great sacrifice of becoming a man and then dying on the cross to show us how great is love of us really is. From the time of the apostles chiristians have gather in much the same way as Catholic do today. St. Justin Martyer writes about these early gathering in the 100’s (that’s 100 years after the birth of Jesus). Learning more about the early church and its growing pains, as well as, understanding that the Mass is gathering of a community of Christ to join in the sacrifice He gave us may help you and your children “get more out of” the Catholic Mass. I pray you will learn that you can make the small sacrifice of bad music or not so great preaching because it is the ONLY place you get to receive Christ body and blood! And by the way, catholic means universal, we accept everyone and try to love them deeper and deeper into Christ Body.

    2. Bernadette Mary

      The fullness of the Christian Faith is Catholicism. Other Christian groups have elements of the Catholic Faith, and reject other elements. The Catholic Mass is Christ offering Himself on the Cross to His Father in Heaven in reparation for the sins of mankind, and Christ giving Himself to us in Holy Communion, while we unite ourselves to His Sacrifice of Love. None of that happens at protestant services. If you don’t understand what the Mass is, you cannot appreciate it or unite yourself to it. Read about it, pray about it. Help the youth groups to become what your daughter needs them to be, in your Catholic Community, or go to a different Catholic Church that meets your needs better.

      1. As a (professionally educated) Lay Minster in the Catholic Church…I can tell you that you are misinformed. Catholicism is only one of the paths to the fullness of the Christian Faith. God himself reveals your path, whether it be Catholic, Lutheran, Baptist…

        1. I really hope you’re not teaching this to people as a lay ‘minister’; wherever you learned this needs to stop calling itself Catholic

    1. in terms of baptism there is no age limit, however in your case, as she is in the age of reason, it is better to ask her if she wanted to be baptized in the catholic church rather than imposing upon here to be baptized and soon afterwards carrying the duties of being a catholic which she did not actually desire

    2. Bernadette Mary

      There is no age limit, but once the child has reached the age of reason, the Church will offer Catechism classes so she can be prepared to fully unite herself to the Sacrament of Baptism. They will probably offer preparation for the Sacraments of Penance and Holy Eucharist at the same time, as most Catholic children receive these around that age. Parents are responsible for the religious formation of their children until they are adults.

  21. Can you baptise your child without Godparents? My husband is an expat and as a result we live in a foreign country with no family around us. I just want my child to be baptised. Why do I need a Godparent for the child? This makes no sense to me. It seems a very old-fashioned idea. A child should be baptised whether or not the parents know someone that could fill in for them spiritually if something happens to them. Can i not just have my child baptised at a Sunday mass or something ?? Geez. For example I was baptised and guess what my parents got divorced and my so called God parents are no longer practicing Catholic. I don’t believe in this Godparent thing. It makes no sense.

    1. it is important to note that in choosing godparents they must be a practicing catholic since it is the responsibility of the godparents to show the one to be baptized how to practice the gospel in personal and social life and to be for the candidate a bearer of christian witness and guardian over growth in the baptismal life.

    2. Bernadette Mary

      Godparents can be filled in for during the Baptism ceremony “by proxy” if they live far away; any Catholic in the parish where you hope to get your child Baptized can fill in during the ceremony; the priest would know who to ask. GodParents who are far away can pray for your child from where they live; have Masses offered for your child, or even be penpals. Godparents are more of a “just in case” clause; I choose them just in case I keel over before my child has been educated by ME in the Faith… My own children’s Godparents don’t write to my kids; but I hope they still pray for them! My own Godparents are no longer practicing Catholics, so… I pray for them!

    3. Consider this: is it easier or harder, on a practical level, to raise your child every day – to cook and clean and teach and set a good example, and to discipline your child and help with homework, and take care of her health, etc. Would it be easier if you had siblings or grandparents around who could help by giving a good example, taking the child on outings, reading to the child, helping to bathe or dress or feed the child when you are tired or ill or have other work to do?

      Your child will be baptized into the Family of God – the community of the Church – the ‘body of Christ’ which is made up of all the members of the church. Having a child with no godparents to pray for the child, give a good example to the child, and help the parents answer questions about the faith and teach the child prayers, advise the child about moral issues, is like raising a child in isolation from the wider ‘family of God.’ I think you need to learn more about what Baptism means, and especially what it means to be a member of the Family of God in his Church. Jesus was very clear that we are all parts of HIS Body in the Church; we are not isolated units or individualists. We are ‘in communion’ with one another. So godparents are not there to guarantee that your parents live out their marriage vow (their divorce was their sin; they refused to accept the grace of baptism and of matrimony to help them keep their vows). Your parents probably chose some random friends or relatives who had little relationship with God or interest in living out their faith in the first place.

      You should pray to God to introduce you to a some strongly Catholic friends in your parish who really know, love and practice their Catholic faith, people who will pray for your daughter daily until they die, and continue to pray for her in heaven.

      I don’t understand why anyone would REFUSE to have people make a vow before God that they will always pray for your child and set a good, holy example of Christian virtue for your child. How can you not want that? The problem seems to be that neither you nor your family know, understand or wish to live in a loving relationship with Christ in the Church, so how can you possibly care to give that to your child?

      You really need to pray that God will show you what you have missed and lost thanks to parents who did not live their faith and godparents who apparently LIED before God when they promised to help your parents teach and nurture you in the faith. Those people who LIE when swearing to God that they will be GOD-parents to a child have some serious explaining to do when they face God for their personal judgment.

      Your godparents failed you. Now you need to find godparents who do not fail your child. Pray for God to break this chain in your family history and direct you to the right people for your and for your child’s sake.

  22. Hello. My husband is Catholic and I am Greek Orthodox. We were married in the Greek Orthodox Church. We have considered to baptize our son in a Catholic Church. Is this possible?
    Is there a requirement for the godparent to be Catholic or can a Christian witness stand-in?
    Thank you.

    1. according to norms of the law with regards to godparents: persons who belong to the eastern churches may be /can be godparents for catholic baptisms.

  23. Since St. Peter said that one can be baptized in just the name of Jesus, would that be considered a proper baptism when preformed by another religion?

    1. No. The Catholic Church only recognizes baptisms in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

      1. Why does the Catholic Church only recognize that specific type of baptism? Doesn’t the Trinity dwell in the bodily form of Jesus, hence the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit be Jesus? Also, if Peter was the leader of the church and baptized in the name of Jesus, why is he wrong?

        1. Jesus commanded his Apostles to baptize in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit (see Matthew 28:19). When the Church ‘does’ any sacrament, it uses the words of CHRIST, because while the human minister is the one doing the visible action, it is CHRIST who does the spiritual action of removing original sin and giving sanctifying and actual grace.

          This is why at every Eucharist, the priest very carefully repeats the words of institution that you find in the Gospels – most priests don’t even trust to memory, but look at the words and carefully read them, because the priest is acting ‘in the person of Christ, the head.’ He must use exactly the words Christ used, not his own.

          If Peter was making a theological point – that baptizing in the name of Jesus is the same as baptizing in the name of each person of the Trinity, since Jesus and the Father and the Spirit are one – that is a different thing from doing the sacrament according to the formula Jesus commanded his Apostles to use. (I don’t know the reference you’re giving; you give no scripture reference, but I doubt if it’s an account of an actual baptism, with Peter pouring water once and saying, ‘I baptize you in the name of Jesus.’ Can you show us in scripture Peter saying, ‘This is the way everyone must baptize, using the name of Jesus only, because that’s how we got it from jesus himself’?)

          Besides just doing Baptism the way Jesus told us to do, I sincerely doubt that Peter or any other Pope would ever have said we could just baptize using the words, ‘I baptize you in the name of Jesus,’ simply because of all the heresies that abounded which denied the Trinitarian nature of the Godhead. It took hundreds of years just to work out language clear enough (in Latin and Greek) to try to describe the Trinity so human minds could grasp it without making three god or one God with three parts, etc. There’s NO WAY we need to be clouding the issue of the Trinity now or in any age by refusing to use the Trinitarian formula given by Jesus and passed on in the actual rite of Baptism from the earliest times of the Church.

          If Peter, as Pope, had wanted everyone to use only one ‘dunking’ or one ‘pouring’ of water and only one name, he would have pronounced Jesus God without being one with the Father and Spirit as an unchangeable dogma of the Church.

          Baptizing in the name of Jesus only may make theological sense to someone who is already clear about the Trinity, but in the early Church, it would have made nonsense of the unity of the Father, Son and Spirit at a time when many people rejected Christianity precisely because they could not grasp that mystery or because it seemed like nonsense (as it does to Jehovah’s Witnesses today).

          Don’t confuse a theological point – that each of the Persons of the Trinity share one divine Nature – with the reality of the three Persons of the Trinity and Christ’s command to baptize in the name of each of the Divine Persons. We do not baptize ‘in the nature of the Godhead’; we baptize in the NAMES of each PERSON of the Godhead – because Jesus told us to.

  24. What about if muslim man doesn’t allow to baptize the children and woman did it without asking or informing and hiden

    1. The Catholic Church considers the child of a Catholic to also be Catholic, regardless of the faith of the other parent. For this reason, a baptism without the Muslim father’s consent is still valid. His consent is not required.

  25. I would like to get my 4 kids baptized ages 5 3 2 and 1. My family is not very religious so I was never baptized but it is something I want for my children. What would I have to do to get them baptized in the Catholic Church?

    1. Visit your local parish priest or deacon to discuss baptizing your children. One of the requirements for baptism is a well founded hope that the children will be raised in the faith. Baptism is not a one and done type of thing. To that end, you will need to find at least one sponsor (god parent) who is a confirmed Catholic (received the sacrament of confirmation) and is actively practicing the catholic faith. This person will be responsible for assisting you in raising your children in the faith. You may also want to consider initiation and baptism for yourself.

  26. İf parents belongs two diffrent religion and one side baptized their children without agreed, inform, and get permission, organize everthing hidden with the family;
    Does church or priest ask permition latter or ect from other couple,
    What happen when other couple learn by accident and object from one of the couple is it accepted by church
    Is there any legal issue and/or responsibility

    1. Unless the parents have a written agreement on how to raise their child, dated after the birth of the child, there is no legal recourse. US courts generally uphold the rights of each parent to teach their religion to the child. So if the mother is Catholic and the father is Jewish, for example, then each parent has the right to take the child to their respective religious services and to enroll them in rituals such as a baptism and bar mitzvah for example. The law defaults to both rather than one or the other.

  27. can u please pot more infromation about batism on this site please and thank it would mean a great deal not only to myself but to others as well

  28. Hello my children are not baptized. I want to baptize them but I have no God parents since my brothers and sisters didn’t complete confirmation. Can I still baptize my children without god parents?

    1. God parents play an important role. It is not necessary for God parents to be siblings or a relative. The godparents typically have the responsibility of caring for the child’s spiritual growth if something happens to the parents. Talk to your local parish priest or deacon. They can assist you in thinking it through. I’m not sure but I think godparents are required. In no way though should you wait for this reason. It is good to baptize the child as soon as possible. The parish priest will help.

  29. Is it a firm requirement that for a Catholic baptism to be valid, the matter (water) must be poured by the same person who executes the form (I baptize you …)? Or is it permissible for two people to share in the baptism, one providing the form, the other the matter?

    1. The minister who administers a sacrament -whether it’s confession or baptism or the Eucharist or ordination or anointing of the sick – is acting in the person of Christ. He repeats Christ’s words and does Christ’s actions. There cannot be two ‘other Christs’ in the case of a sacrament. In a marriage, where the man and woman administer the sacrament, can you imagine the bride saying ‘I’ and her maid of honor saying ‘do’ or the groom saying ‘I’ and the best man saying ‘do’? That would be the equivalent of having two priests ‘share’ the action of baptism.

      When there are two priests at Mass, and both say the words of the consecration, they are actually each celebrating a ‘separate’ Mass. Each priest has an intention for the Mass he is celebrating. It’s not one priest celebrating ‘part’ of the Mass and the other celebrating ‘part’ of the Mass, though they may read different readings at the liturgy of the word, and only one of them preaches. But when it comes to the actual sacrament of the Eucharist, each priest is celebrating a separate sacrament.

      In baptism, the ‘matter’ – in this case, water – cannot be separated from the ‘words’ – saying ‘I baptize you’, because the pouring of the water and the saying of the words are what ‘make’ the sacrament ‘real.’ When the priest or deacon says, ‘I baptize you’ he needs to be pouring the water, or he is not BAPTIZING – act and word must go together and whoever says ‘I’ is doing the action.

      One priest – one sacrament; one deacon – one sacrament. Because Christ is acting sacramentally through one priest. So you could have two priests for two children, but not two priests for one child.

      If your concern is that you have two close priests and you don’t know which one to ask to celebrate the baptism of your child, you could ask the ‘senior’ priest (the one who has been a priest longer) or the one who has known you and your family longer. Then both of them could be present at the Mass and one of them could celebrate Mass for your child specifically (assuming that the two are not priests in the same parish celebrating a Mass for which there is already an intention). You could ask both of the priests to give your whole family their blessing at the end of Mass or the baptism liturgy. They will not be offended if you ask both of them to participate in this way.

  30. I am a practicing Roman Catholic (baptized and confirmed). My husband is not Catholic and we were not married in a church. Can my baby be baptized in the Catholic Church either where I reside now registered in a new parish or in my hometown where I was baptized and also where my family back home attends church regularly? Thanks in advance for any help!

    1. I am a catholic, my husband is not, we married in a civil service, my son will be getting christened! I have to go to night classes but my husband will not attend. But as long as one parent promised to bring them into the Catholic Church this is alright. If u want christening at home parish where parents live then u will need permission from ur parish priest so it is best to attend ur nearest church and introduce yourself.

    2. Yea you can baptise your child in the catholic church provided you bring him or her up in the catholic faith and assist him or her to grow in the faith. As for your husband, its good to know that the church accept mixed marriage. You have to encourage him to get marry so as to unite both of you in the sacrament.

  31. I was baptised as JW. Now converted. Do I have to be rebaptised? What’s the procedure? Can I receive the sacrament? Can I go for confession?
    Please Help.

    1. Bernadette Mary

      Anyone who was “baptized” in a ceremony not considered valid by the Catholic Church, would be Baptized for the first time with Catholic Baptism. If the previous ceremony was possibly valid, as in, the Trinity was invoked while water being poured, but there is some doubt about it; a “conditional” Baptism could be done by a priest. Once a person is really Baptized, they stay that way for Eternity, as true Baptism is a Sacrament that makes an indelible character on the immortal soul. A person who has been Baptized still needs to learn the Catechism. An adult who wants to be Baptized for the first (valid) time, has to learn the Catechism, and will recieve Baptism, Penance and Holy Eucharist all the first day. Then, they are fully members of the Church and invited to participate in regular reception of the Sacraments.

  32. My children’s father is baptized Anglican and I’m Christian. Since my husband was baptized as a child can I have my children baptized Catholic? While the Catholic Church accept his papers?

  33. Can my sister-in-law baptize my kids even though I baptized her kids. I was told she could not because I baptized hers first.

    1. Patricia Gallagher

      In the Catholic Church, only a priest or a deacon can baptize a person (regardless of age UNLESS the person is in immediate danger of death.

      There is no “rule” that “I baptized hers, so she can’t baptize mine.” A Catholicspriest or deacon performs the Rite of Baptism.

      Friends and family may be *Godparent(s)* for each other’s children. Godparents must be practicing Catholics in good standing who have been confirmed in the Catholic Church.

      “In good standing”: If the priest or deacon does not know the prospective Godparent(s) (not of his parish or from out of town), the Godparent(s) must obtain a “Letter of Recommendation” from their own parish church to verify that they are Catholics who have been confirmed and that they attend Mass regularly.

      I don’t know what the procedures are in non-Catholic churches.

  34. My daughter is trying to plan her children’s baptism. She has 3, they are 6, 3, 2months. All of her friends are Christian who attend a non denominational church. She was baptized Catholic and attends a church. All relatives live out of state and cannot make the trip. Does she truly need godparents ?

    1. It sounds like she needs goparents more than most people, if she has virtually nobody close to her practicing the Catholic Faith. If she’s not willing or able to raise her child Catholic, then she cannot LIE to God in a baptism and say she will do that.

      Godparents do not have to be present at every occasion of a child’s life (my own lived several states away and I only met them twice -not ideal, but possible). Godparents can – should, even must – pray for a child daily. A Catholic godparent can send your child books and tapes and videos that will help the child grow in faith. A Catholic godparent can establish a telephone relationship with the child, calling on birthdays, anniversaries of baptism and other sacraments and so on. It’s not a ‘social’ relationship and it is not restricted to relatives – especially not to relatives who do not know their faith well enough to stay close to the Eucharist, and have abandoned the sacraments.

      Your daughter – and you – need to pray earnestly for God to put good, sincere, practicing Catholics on her path, so she – and her children – can be surrounded by people who will build her up in her Catholic faith. She might consider going to RCIA classes if she has not really learned her faith. She can ask her parish priest to put her in touch with a strong Catholic couple who are active in their faith and can help her prepare to pass on the faith to her children by taking the role of godparents. Even if they are separated by distance, people who understand what they are undertaking and are sincere in their desire to help your daughter raise your grandchildren in the faith will pray for your daughter’s children and do everyting they can practically to help them grow in faith and love of Christ in the Family of God that is the Church.

  35. My husband and I are both Catholic and are both baptized, but we have not done our first communion, we want to baptize our son once he is a year old, I recently heard that we can not baptize him unless we have done our first communion, is this true?

    1. Why are you waiting until he is 1yo? Baptism can be done as early as one month. Talk to your parish priest. They will help you sort through your questions. As a parent, in terms of Christianity, you have the responsibility of teaching your child and nurturing their spiritual development for the sake of the child’s soul. As a parent, in terms of Christianity, you have the responsibility of teaching and nurturing the child’s faith through practice. Its likely you’ll be asked about your intentions to raise your children in the faith.

  36. My question son will be getting baptized. One of the god parents is a Catholic can a non domoniational Christian be the other godparent?. He was catholic before?

    1. Yes, in the Catholic faith only one godparent needs to be Catholic. Any non-Catholic is technically called a “Christian Witness.”

    2. That person can serve as the godparent. Its not advisable however, as the godparent’ s role is to foster the child’s Catholic faith if something happens to the parents. If he is no longer Catholic it seems he’s rejected the faith. Those who do so, usually leave the faith over lack of knowledge. This is about the welfare of the child’s soul in the eyes of the Christian. Think it through and speak to your pastor.

  37. Can we baptise our daughter in catholic church even on her birthcertificate it says thar shes a husband is a catholic and im a
    muslim, is it possible for us to had our baby baptist as a catholic,tnx

    1. You can have your baby baptized as long as the priest believes that there is reasonable hope the baby will be raised Catholic. This means that the Catholic parent must promise to do all that is in their power to raise the baby Catholic. If you and your husband agree on this, then there would be no obstacle.

  38. I’m Catholic and have been Baptised. I’ve recently had a baby and want him to be Baptised also. My babies father and I are no longer together. Will I still be able to Baptise my son without his Father present?

    1. Yes Sarah, you can. I did it, but it is down to the discretion of the Priest at the time. If they aren’t comfortable doing it they could put you off til someone else is available – but yes- you can still have the baptism for your child.

    2. Yes, definitely. Plenty of single parents have their children baptized. The requirement is that the baby be raised Catholic and your marital status and the fathers involvement is not relevant.

  39. Could you give reasons according to the mind of the church why during Baptism, the baptismal formular, , …..I baptize you in the name of the Father, the Son and of the Holy Spirit, there is no response of “Amen”. Why?

  40. Hi I am not baptized and neither is my son’s father my son will be starting kindergarten in September I would like to get him baptized and would like to attend Catholic school. From what I understand one of his parents would have to be baptized for him to get baptized wich is fine I was planning on getting baptized anyways. But I was wondering how long it would take to complete mine and his baptism because I believe I have to register him for school within the next few months?

    1. When it comes to adult baptism, you would need to go through an RCIA process, its a process that can be 9-12 months and has the adult baptized, receive first communion, and confirmation at Easter Vigil. For your son, being under the age of 7 would be at the discretion of the priest whether the rite of christian initiation for children is appropriate for him (especially if he is catechized) or private instruction. You do not need to be a baptized Catholic to attend any Catholic school.

    2. I went to a parochial school with Hebrews, Presbyterians, Southern Baptists and one Mormon. No Hindi I know of but it was Carolina in the 50s.

  41. I’m so sad because I will never be able to be baptised. I did some research and neither my prior marriage nor my husband’s prior marriage probably cannot be annulled. It is what it is.

    1. Kelly, I would absolutely urge you to consult your local Catholic priest, and if you don’t get a complete or satisfying answer there, consult another parish priest, or even your local bishop. There should be a way to get this cleared up. God wants you in His church.

    2. Kelly. Please speak to a priest who is a cannon lawyer. The church has a special cases for non-baptized previously married like yourself who wish to be baptized. A parish priest or deacon may not be aware of your options.

    3. Minister. Frank W. Snowden

      Just read the word of God, preferably the new testament. See what Jesus says about you, I’m sure He didn’t leave your situation out. Ask for forgiveness in Jesus name, and forsake whatever it is that is unholy. The Grace of God will be on you through Christ jesus. Remember that all sins that we may commit can be forgiven if we ask God to forgive us in Jesus name.
      Once you ask for forgiveness, make sure forgive anybody you might have something against, then go and get baptized beloved.

    4. ANYBODY can be baptized by ANYBODY if done according to the New Testament. Jesus was sacrificed to forgive ALL sins. Technically you can baptize yourself, because the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit perform the miracle – the baptizer is simply a vessel.

      1. anybody can baptize any person “only” in cases danger of death. However, the faculty to baptize is reserve only to the the ordained ministers as they are commissioned technically by Jesus as stated in the new testament in Matthew 28: 16-20. Neither one can baptize himself or herself.

    5. See a priest and get baptized and keep close to Jesus! This is the year that the Pope has declared as the great year of Divine Mercy! God is waiting with open arms to forgive your sins and receive you as His child forever! Your are in my prayers!

    6. You most certainly can be baptized! Christ died for everyone. We have to acknowledge Him. The catholic church lied to me for 30 years, the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart and I fought a spiritual battle for 2 years! No one drew me away. No one talked me into leaving. God set me free. Don’t let all those catholic made up rules and rituals keep you from being baptized. Be set free.

        1. Those aren’t rules ,they are called procedures just like any other christian nomination done in the trinitarian norm or form.

      1. The Catholic Church wants to walk the walk with you. You certainly can be baptized, it will just take a little effort on your part. If this is where the Holy Spirit is leading you, then find the right spiritual home and ask for them to walk the journey with you.

    7. Kelly, its never too late to be baptized. Also, everyone has the right to petition for annulment as well. Annulment is based on whether the intentions of both spouses, even after divorce, were truly honest and sincere about the vows. There’s no blame or threats. Most parishes have the deacon as your advocate throughout the entire process. If there were children in the marriage, they are not affected nor is their legitimacy. Please talk to your priest about the annulments. If your not comfortable with your local priest, go to a different parish. I’ve been through it. My husband was divorced prior to our marmarriage.We didn’t understand that he could petition for annulment. So, we didn’t initially get married in the Catholic church. We received yes annulment and then received the sacrament of marriage even though Wes been married in a protestant church. We are very happy.
      In this jubilee year of mercy, seek guidance and come home. He’s waiting for you to receive His gift of the sacraments. God bless. Come home

  42. Hello, I want to baptize my daughter (10 months old right now) in the Catholic church. I have been baptized Catholic and had my first communion and so has all my family and those who I’ve chosen to be the god parents. Her father is not Catholic but was baptized Christian and the church has said it’s okay. What I am wondering is if we are still allowed to go ahead with it if I, the mother, have not received my confirmation.. I have been baptized and had my first communion but not my confirmation. Will they still allow us to do so? Please help.

    1. My daughter is actually 2yrs. Old. I to have been baptized and first holy communion. My husband is actually Jewish. My aunt and uncle are going to talk with the father in my home town. However they assured me that there is no problem at all. Just to find a church. Talk with the father and I’ll have to take two classes. Then they give u a completion paper. Good luck!

  43. Hello, I hope you can help me, I was raised Catholic, but my son is 18 years old, and he’s not baptized, (his biological father doesn’t want to do it) but now that he’s older, we would love to do it, what we need to do, so he can be baptized…..
    Thank you very much

    1. Since your son is 18, he is legally an adult in most, if not all, jurisdictions in the United States. Thus, the decision whether or not to be baptized is his, and his alone, to make.

    1. Just being honest .

      No you would not. The Catholic Church will not baptise you again because your first baptism is recognised.

    2. My mom and I both converted to Catholicism from Methodis when I was still a child. neither of us had to be rebaptized. the Methodist church uses water and the trinitarian format so it’s considered valid

  44. Can my son baptize a baby if he does not go to church but was baptized when he was a baby in our Catholic Church ? Need to know what steps he needs to do to baptize his friends baby..

      1. no one has the faculty to baptize any person validly except in cases of danger of death, it is only reserve to the ordained ministers. Children or infants or adults to be baptized need to be presented to the pastors or parish priest for the necessary preparations for the sacrament of baptism

  45. I’m not catholic but my 13 year old daughter attends catholic school and wants to get confirmed next April, but she was never baptized. The school she’s attending already has her in the RCIA program (I think that’s what it’s called). She’s concerned she will not be able to do the confirmation since she was never baptized. Can they baptize her at the same time as the confirmation or do I need to look for a church to baptize her before that?

    1. Is your daughter’s school associated with a parish? If so, call the parish office, and someone will walk you through what you need to know. You can reassure your daughter that the people coordinating RCIA will ensure that she is baptized either before or at the time of confirmation.

    2. Yes, they will handle the baptism during the RCIA program. I just recently started the program myself, and they set aside a special ceremony for those of us who need a baptism, or to be blessed again as a Catholic. I’ve seen the ceremony from the previous class and it’s beautiful!

    3. Just being honest .

      I hope you have a realistic idea of how this may affect your family life from now on. It would be a good idea if you asked to attend the RCIA classes with your daughter so you know what is being discussed. Our daughter is 14 and has commenced the RCIA Program this year by her own choice. I was born in to the Catholic faith and so was baptised as a baby and confirmed as a child because it was my parents wishes. I’m saying this because given the choice now I would not choose the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church have strict and I believe unkind rules about mixed marriages, gay relationships, divorce etc. that have caused a lot of decent Christians unnecessary anxiety. My husband has been on the receiving end of harsh attitude from members of parishes on more than one occasion as he is not Catholic and I have also had to graciously deal with a lot of self righteous opinion for marrying him. Develope a thick skin because you may need it and don’t allow the fact that your not Catholic to effect your relationship with your daughter. God loves and accepts everyone not just Catholics and expects us all to do the same. Remind your daughter of that.

      1. I forgot to add: I’m gay and am in a relationship. I only had problems with two people and even was out at my Catholic high school. Even half of my college Newman Society was LGBT! Maybe it’s because I live in Connecticut?

    4. I was 13 when I started and was baptized and got First Holy Communion the same day at the end of 8th grade at age 14. I had private instruction, not RCIA. After that, I attended CCD for 9th grade and was Confirmed at age 15 as a sophomore with my class. Why is she getting Confirmed so young? Most of my friends were 15 and sophomores in high school.

      1. We adopted our daughter at 13 years old from an orphange and a month later made plans to have her baptized at sunday mass.The baptism director told us that since she is newly adopted and starting over that she had to be baptized as an infant in the Infant Baptism Program.She then told us that the daughter had to wear the required white,knee length,infant style,baptism gown and bonnet with lace anklets and white shoes and under the gown she had to wear a cloth diaper,rubberpants and a tee shirt.The baptism director then gave us the white gown and bonnet in the daughters size that we had to return after her baptism.We got the required tee shirt,cloth diapers,rubberpants,lace anklets and white shoes.I had to sew the package of the 10 flat cloth diapers together to make the one diaper out of them and had to get the diaper pins to pin it on her with.The morning of her baptism,we took her to the nursery and dressed her in the outfit and she looked just like a real infant.For her baptism,i took her bonnet off and picked her up and held her like an infant to recieve the water on her head.We were told that she would make her First Holy Communion next year at 14 and that we had to save the tee shirt,diaper and rubberpants for her to wear under the communion dress since she was still considered a newly baptized infant.The next year,when she was 15,she was confirmed,all the girls had to wear the white floor length dresses and veils and we did the diaper ,rubberpants and tee shirt again on her under the white dress.Some of the other girls in her class also had a cloth diaper and rubberpants under their dresses also,so the daughter wasnt alone.

        1. Dear,
          Is this backed by ANY Scriptures. As long as I knwo REPENTANCE is prior to BIBLICAL Baptism. ROMANS Ch 6. ( atleast on scripture to prove).

    5. I was best man at a wedding where the groom was baptized, confirmed and married at the same time. Separate ceremonies you might say but all at basically at the same time.

  46. Hey, I was wondering if I want to baptize my nephew so I have to have completed my first community? Or is it fine that I have only been baptized?

  47. Hi,
    I wanted to ask what is it called if I wanted to baptise my cross?
    Is it just called baptising or is there a special name for objects ?
    Thank you

  48. Is it okay for siblings to baptize each others children in the catholic church? I have a baby I want my sister and her husband to baptize. She has a boy she wants my wife and I to baptize. My mom is under the impression that in the Catholic Church if we do this one child is left without godparents because it cancels out. I don’t see how. Does anyone know the official answer?

    1. Hi, do you mean is it okay for siblings, to be godparents to each other’s children? My understanding is yes, however, many people will choose only one of the couple and then someone else. I imagine so that support is being spread through a range of people. Forbid the couple gets into an accident and the child losses both godparents, or if there were some family strife. I don’t see any reason for them to cancel out should you choose to do it that way though.

    2. I am a catholic, Ivan, and my sister and i and all of our cousins have godparents. It wouldn’t cancel out because you have more family members than two. So you just pick two more for each child. It doesn’t cross out.

  49. confusedangel281

    Hey I was wondering if anyone new what happened during baptism and specifically what order they go in? I am working on a school project about it. I would really appreciate it.

  50. if a child’s godparents have not fulfilled their roll and have basically shunned the child (due to personal issues with the parent), then can a child be baptized again? Or how can they have a new set of godparents?

    1. Your child doesn’t need to get rebaptized. You’ll have to ask your priest about godparents…mine disowned me but I was almost 16 when it happened so I don’t know for sure as I never pursued it.

  51. Good Evening,

    I am catholic and husband is Jewish and I would like for our son when he is born to be baptized. My husband is in support of this decision but our child will not grow up just purely in the catholic church. He will also learn about Judaism and there traditions, would this be a problem with baptism?

    1. Hello Mary,
      I’m no expert but here I go. When we got married my husband was not Catholic. It was presented that as the Catholic parent it was my responsibility to ensure that my child was receiving a full Catholic upbringing. This is traditionally the father’s role as the “head of the family”. I understand out to be that your husband would not husbandwould the one to offer your child for baptism, so he may not be required to say the prayer responses. The Church may require that both of the Godparents be Catholic, though in traditional baptism only one being Catholic is required. I imagine the godfather role will be important to your protest in this matter as he will be the male roll model for your child’s religious upbringing. They may be funny about it if you mention that you plan to teach booth religions. Their expectation will be that the child is bright to church weekly and learns catechism to prepare for first communion. I personally can understand your desire to do both and allow your child to choose. I hope this helps a bit. Best wishes.

  52. Infant baptism is not Biblical, and was introduced only by tthe Catholic church as a means of controlling the population many centuries ago. By baptizing infants, the church could claim membership (and control) of more people, since the decision was made before the child could be old enough to actually understand and accept Christ into their heart and life. 

    1. Yes!!! Finally someone else who understands the truth! Thank you:) I grew up Catholic and through God’s working in my life I came to read His Word and know the truth, instead of believing the multitude of deceptions taught in the Catholic Church. My heart grieves over so many God-lovers who have been and are still being led so far from the truth. How can we reach them?? (I wonder if this will get posted or deleted?)

      1. John 3:5 says, “Jesus answered, ‘Amen, amen, I say to you, no one can enter the kingdom of God without being born of water and Spirit.’” Note that Jesus says “no one” can enter heaven in that passage. In the spirit of brevity here is the short answer straight from the Catechism:

        “The practice of infant Baptism is an immemorial tradition of the Church. There is explicit testimony to this practice from the second century on, and it is quite possible that, from the beginning of the apostolic preaching, when whole “households” received baptism, infants may also have been baptized,” (Acts 16:15,33; 18:8; 1 Corinthians 1:16).
        (Catechism of the Catholic Church, paragraph 1252)

    2. The book of Acts indicates whole families were baptized are you telling me that does NOT include infants, because that is NOT what the Bible says. Thus, your assertion is blatantly unbiblical!

  53. A story about infant baptism: When stalin took 200,000 kids out of poland and deposited them in siberia, those without parents were billeted with resident siberians. One of these little girls was billited with a mother who’s baby turned out to be sick and dying. The little catholic girl took this abandoned child and felt strongly to baptise it. It began getting better from that moment. Child baptism may do a whole lot of good and it will do no harm. It is immaterial if the child is aware of it or not. I don’t understand why the catholic church does not introduce an option of mature, self-aware baptism as an option. Would have saved so many lives.

    1. Actually, as long as you haven’t been previously baptized by a Trinitarian church, you can be any age. I was baptized Catholic at 14.

  54. I have a question. My wife and I have been divorced for 2 years. She was not a practicing Catholic until she was forced to move out of our home for physically abusing myself and out 6 year old (at the time) daughter who has chromosomal abnormalities and severe autism. Under the demands of her father, my ex began attending church again. She asked me 6-months ago, if I would agree to allow her to baptize our daughter as she was in the “age of reason”. I denied this request as our daughter is so severely autistic that she lives mostly in her own little world and doesn’t know anything about religion. I requested that my ex begin to support the therapy that I have our daughter in, and allow her to get better and to the point that she understands and can decide for herself. I requested we revisit the issue when our daughter reached the age of 16, and then we would see where she was by then. My wife went behind my back and had our daughter baptized last week. I am confused as to how this could happen. WH
    hat official in the church would baptize an autistic 8 year old girl without the consent of both parents? I would appreciate any feedback. Thank you.

    1. According to Cannon Law this is possible…

      Canon 750. §1. The infant of infidels , even over the objections of the parents, is licitly baptized when life is so threatened that it is prudently foreseen that death will result before the infant attains the use of reason.

      §2. Outside of danger of death, provided provision is made for Catholic education, and infant is licitly baptized if:

      1° If the parents or guardians, or at least one of them, consents;

      2° If the parents, that is father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, or guardians are no more, or have lost their rights over the infant, or cannot in any way exercise them.

      Canon 751. Generally the norms specified in the above canons are to be observed in the case of the baptism of an infant of two heretics or schismatics, or of two Catholics who have fallen into apostasy, or heresy, or schism.

      – – – – – – –

      New Canon 868. §1. For an infant to be baptized lawfully it is required:

      1° That the parents , or at least one of them, or the person who lawfully holds their place, give their consent;

      2° That there be a well founded hope that the child will be brought up in the Catholic religion. If such a hope is truly lacking, the baptism is, in accordance with the provisions of particular law, to be deferred and the parents advised of the reason for this.

      §2. An infant of Catholic parents, and indeed even of non-Catholic parents, may in danger of death be baptized even if the parents are opposed to it.

    2. 1. Mental status is not a factor in baptism, or else the Church wouldn’t baptize infants. Baptism’s main function is to remove original sin from the person who is being baptized.
      2. They only need consent of the Catholic parent.

      (An aside, given your daughter has significant communication difficulties, she may understand some concepts without anyone else knowing. Obviously, I reside on a different part of the autism spectrum than she does, and I also have other disabilities, but I struggle with different degrees of things than my best friend and my partner do)

  55. I’m sorry this is rather long.

    I was Baptised C of E by my parents, but in my early 20’s, took instruction from my Catholic Parish Priest with a view to being received into the Catholic Church. This Priest sadly passed away, and I moved out of the area and when I enquired, some years later, I was told that he had not kept any records on how far through the course I was although I’d attended for nearly a year. I started attending my new local Catholic church and joined the group for those wishing to convert to Catholicism and re-done the course from start to finish. I was due to be received into the church three years ago at Easter. However just a week before Easter, I (along with some other members of the group) was not able to be received into the church, which was such a disappointment for me, not to mention inconvenient, as we had asked close friends and family to share the occasion with me. The reason was because I had been married before, and although I was now divorced and re-married, I was told I would have to get my first marriage annulled and then marry my present husband again in the Catholic Church before I could be received into it. I was told the Priest would see to everything, but never heard anything more and I have still not been received into the church.

    Two years ago, three of my daughters had their own daughters (my grandchildren) Baptised at the church, so they became Catholics. (Our family used to be Catholic, but over the generations, had become C of E and wanted to change back, so decided that having the children Baptised as Catholics was the first rung on the ladder. The same Priest who took me for my course performed the Baptisms. I wrote to him again recently, as we had three more grandchildren for Baptism, but have received an email back saying that he ‘got told off’ for Baptising my grandchildren, as their parents don’t have anything to do with the church, despite the fact that they have attended with me to weekday Mass on several occasions, and also come with me to Midnight Mass at Christmas.

    Due to my worsening disabilities, I am unable to get to weekday mass recently, but I still consider myself to be following the Catholic path. I read a Catholic Bible, have my Rosary and many Catholic religious artefacts displayed around my home. I pray every single day, sometimes several times a day, I just can’t physically get myself out of my home and to the church. I need 24 hour care now and this is provided by my daughters.

    Although I don’t want to imply that the Priest is not being completely truthful in his response, I do get the impression that we are being viewed as just one of those families who want church when it suits us, (in other words just to have the Children Baptised so they can get into a good school and we can have a party)but not at any other time, and that hurts deeply. Yes, we would like them to go to Catholic Schools, so that they can learn the Catholic faith and be with other children who understand and are used to the same faith, rather than just ‘the school down the road’ because it is more convenient. Yes we would invite the Godparents and Family back for some light refreshments after the Baptism, because it is only polite to do so, but we are not the kind of family to drink alcohol and have a knees up, that is just not our style.

    The Priest has suggested we go to the C of E Church in the town, which is not what we want at all, as we want the grandchildren to be Catholics and not C of E. We all feel devastated over this, and my daughters are now saying they don’t want one child of one religion and one child of another. I know we are all Christians, but despite them having been Confirmed in the C of E Church, they too have turned away from it of their own free will (it’s not me making them Baptise the grandchildren into one faith over another).

    Does anyone know if there is somewhere I can approach to ask if what we have been told is correct and if we have any way of appealing the decision? Can we approach any other Catholic Church and ask them to Baptise the Children, or will we receive the same response?

    My daughters are also really keen to have their own daughters Baptised in their own Baptism Gowns, but if we wait much longer, we won’t be able to.

    Any help or advice would be very much appreciated.

    Thanking you in advance and apologies for the length of my ‘sermon’ 😉

    1. Just being honest .

      I’m so sorry that you have had this experience and I genuinely appreciate your frustration. I have heard of this type of situation occurring often. Some priests tend to lose sight of the fact that they are servants to their parisheners and not the other way round. You should try another parish as they are not all automatically suspicious of ones motives for wanting to join the church. Unfortunately the Catholic church will insist that you have your previous marriage annulled before they will allow you to receive Confirmation and that will be following at least 6-8 months of RCIA instruction. The annullment could take time if it is granted. Perhaps a priest from another parish may also be more open to baptise the
      children as well. I hope your health has improved and that you do not feel alone and unkindly turned away from the very place that should be giving you comfort. The Uniting Church appears to me to be more considerate and welcoming of divorced and remarried people. Go where you feel welcome to celebrate your faith. It doesn’t matter to God if you are Anglican, Baptist, Catholic. All the best. xxooxx

      1. The older priests are painfull. Demanding and not helpful. They are the reason people are turning away from the church. We are having issues with the priest in our parish holding us to ransom. He is giving us a hard time about getting a letter so we can have both our grandchildren baptised together in another church. Why is bring a catholic so difficult?

    2. You may want to find clergy versed in canonical law or speak to the bishop. Yes, the marriage will have to be annulled, but given your health situation, you may be able to skip RCIA. My priest opted to privately instruct me vs RCIA.

  56. I am a Roman Catholic and I will be soon marrying a Hindu Boy and I wish to get married in Church and if the boy has to get baptized what are the formalities and procedures to do it before marriage and what is the time frame taken for these procedures and the boy does not want to convert as a christian, please suggest.

    1. He does not have to convert in order for you to marry in the church. He does however have to view marriage according to the church and agree that your children together will be Catholic. There is a form that your pastor would have to sign about disparity of faith, and during the pre-marital interviews, the priest can decide whether your fiancee understands the sacrament of matrimony and the wedding can then proceed.

      1. You have to sign a for saying you will force your children to be Catholic?

        I thought being Southern Baptist was strict.

    2. Just being honest .

      Please don’t force him to convert if he does not want to. It is possible to have two faiths in a marriage and live happily. You will not be able to be married in the Catholic Church though. That is the harsh reality of being a Catholic marrying a non Catholic. In the eyes of the Catholic Church your marriage will also be invalid and you will not be able to take part in Communion. If being Catholic is that important to you then you have a rather harsh decision to make.

      1. I am a Catholic in Australia and I married a non Catholic in a Catholic Church.
        It hass been a long long time that Catholics can’t marry a non Catholic in a Catholic Church. Many many years ago the couple had to stand at the side of the alter if one was non-catholic but even that is no longer the case

      2. I am a Deacon and almost none of what you are saying is accurate. A non Catholic can marry a Catholic in the Church and it would be valid. Go speak to your local parish. You will have to agree to raise your children in the Church however – which is a good thing. If you love the Church, why would you want to deny this to your children? What kind of spouse would want you to deny this?

        1. I am a cathlolic priest and totally agree with Deacon Miller. A catholic CAN marry a non-Catholic IN the catholic church and have a VALID marriage. The catholic party is asked to promise to remain catholic and promises to raise all children from that marriage in the catholic tradition.

  57. Hi,
    I am a catholic from Australia.
    My fiancé wishes to be baptised in Philippines.
    She no longer has contact with her parents.
    She has her birth certificate.
    She has a willing godmother and godfather.
    Can she be baptised without the parents consent and without a copy of the parent’s marriage certificate?

    1. Yes she can as long as she is of age, and as long as the godparents are living in acrodance with the teachings of the Church

  58. Hi, I am baptised anglican and my husband (who is the step father of my children) is Catholic. Their biological father has chosen not to be a part of thrir lives. They attend a Catholic school and we attend catholic church. Can they be baptised catholic?

  59. My husband and I are currently planning our two babies baptism, my question is about Godparents we have chosen 4 Godparents for our kids, is this okay or does it have to be only 2? One is a confirmed catholic.

    1. You need at least two catholic Godparents (male and female), but you can have as many as you want with permission of your priest. We were allowed to have four Godparents per child, some not needing to attend the baptism because they live in a different country. The ones that live around us did need to participate. Again, you will need to talk to your priest to see what they allow as with marriages, each church can be different depending on diocese and priest.

    1. Hi Rhys,

      I’m not sure if you are still reading this thread, but if you do have the desire to be baptised, I would encourage you to visit or call up your local parish and let them know. They would be thrilled to help you prepare for Baptism. God bless you!


  60. My son’s infant was born premature and had to undergo brain surgery. The hospital priest baptized her before surgery.
    Now they want to have a family christening celebration, and the priest told them he could do a ceremony in the church, but I don’t remember what he called it since she was already baptized. We want to put the proper wording on the invite.

    1. I trust everything worked out well. Your child received what is called conditional baptism. Conditional baptism is normally administered when a dire circumstance exists such as that of your grandchild had. Your children can simply announce that they are having a baptism at the church and that all are invited. God bless.

  61. Hello,
    We have twins who we want to get baptized at our local Catholic Church.
    My question is – our godparents we have chosen (two couples one each for child), one partner is catholic and all of the others are all members of Church of England or other churches. Now, do they all have to be catholic church members for my children’s baptism ?
    Thank you…

    1. Hi Trish, I was told by my church that at least one of the godparents have to be Catholic. This must be a new rule because my two other children were baptized and we did not have to show proof. We are now having difficulty picking godparents because neither godparents that we want are active members of a catholic church. If my third child is not able to be baptized at the church that my other two kids were baptized in (also did first communion, and I got married in this church) we will no longer attend this church. Picking god parents should be taking seriously and not just pick someone just because they are Catholic; rather as long as they have the same beliefs as you do.

      1. I have the same problem I don’t have much friends Nd my bffs are Presbyterian so I’m having a hard time finding a godmother for my baby. I want to choose HD wisely but don’t have much options

    2. Hi Trish, it is actually very important to pick the right Godparents. The very purpose of the Godparent is to help raise your kids in the faith. As well as to pray for him/her. The Church has these requirements, not to bother us but to help us in the process of unifying all efforts between the parents, Godparents and the Church in forming these souls into God’s faith. I hope this helps. And I invite everyone to keep learning and growing in our Faith, and love of God. I will be praying for both Trish and Irene’s cases to get the help and answers needed. Warm regards.

  62. My husband and I have been married throw court for 13 yrs. And we both are catholics. Can we still batize a child if we are ever asked? Even thou we are not married by church? Don’t get us wrong we both would like to get married by church and we both love God very much.

    1. Yes, you can still baptize your child in the Church even if you’re not yet married by it. I did it before and it helped me a great deal, to the point of getting reunited with my Faith and ending up marrying through the Church. But in any case, yes I would truly recommend you to baptize your child in the church as he/she will receive many graces and will be welcome into the church. I hope it helps you. Warm regards.

  63. Is Baptism always done only with water? Does oil ever come into it or is hat for something else? Do Catholics baptize someone by:
    1. Pouring water on their head
    2, Sprinkling water on them
    3. dunking their head in water
    4. Immersing the entire body in water

    Does it make a difference?


  64. Hello,
    I was raised Catholic, went to Catholic school, was baptized and received confirmation. I however am not a practicing Catholic nor do I have any intentions of raising my children as such. But my grandmother, a devote Catholic, earnestly wants me to baptize my two boys so that they will have the Holy Spirit and Guardian Angel and to be protected from the Devil. I don’t believe in any of this, but I am absolutely willing to baptize my boys to put my grandmother’s mind at ease. She is 85 and I know this is something that is on her mind daily. She worries for their eternal souls and brings it up every time we speak. I looked up Catholic baptisms and read about having to attend Sunday School for 6 months and go to Church, etc. not to mention the mandatory “donation” (which seems pretty excessive to me). Their father was baptized but only because his sister took him along to her daughter’s baptism and they baptized him at that time. He was not raised Catholic (or any religion). Do I have any options of baptizing our boys in the Catholic Church for my grandmother’s sake?

    1. How old are your sons? If they are younger than seven, it’s a simple process.
      If they are older than seven, they are considered to have reached the “age of reason”, and basically, decide for themselves. That’s what the months of classes are all about….to be sure that they choose to be a member of the church.

    2. Dear Tatiana,
      Sometimes it sounds too funny to hear some old people speaking wisdom. However, remember the 4th commandment in the Bible. A Prophet is someone God uses to deliver message to you with confirmation.
      Please go by your Grand -Mother’s decision. It is for the children betterness in the future.
      Thank you.

  65. Hi,

    One of Friends wife delivered a child.

    Soon after Delivery of the child he asked Tribunal court (Bishop House) to conduct the DNA test as he had doubt if the Child belonged to him. however the lady never agreed for the DNA test.

    Local Priest kept on pressurizing for the Baptism of the child. My friend had also said that Church may baptize the child as it is his right as she was delivered by christian women however church should keep the father of the child column blank; further if she want to add someone else name she is free to do it. or should hold the Baptism till the time DNA is conducted but when they baptize the child church should inform him about the same so that no illegal thing are happening.

    However the tribunal court (Bishop house) asked to baptize the child without informing the husband of the mother of the child and has also added his name of the father above that they have also issue the baptism certificate to the mother of the child.

    Was it fare. does this fit in any canon law. We believe that church has made injustice with my friend. can we challenge the action taken by the tribunal court (Bishop house).


  66. Hi, my name is BrittAny. I’ve never been baptized and lately I’ve been looking into it. I’m 23 years old and would like to know the process on what I need to do. Please email me because I don’t check this website often. Thank you

    1. Brittany if you want to get baptized in the Catholic church, it would take six months. You would go once a week to learn things about the Catholic church. To get Baptized in a non Catholic church is allot easier. Pick a church you like, When they have a song at the end of the church inviting those who want to get saved, you just walk up to the front of the church. Tell the preacher what you would like to do, and he will set up a day for you to get baptized.

  67. I have a situation that I need a Catholic priest to clarify. Recently my son’s girlfriend was baptized in a non-denominational church. This church is the 22nd fastest growing church in the nation. This 17 year old child was called by God to baptism one day and after this was performed; her mother (Catholic Faith in her upbringing) ridiculed her for doing so because “mom” says she was not ready. Her mom continues to verbally reprimand her child for her baptism. Her mom has told her that this has ruined her family and damaged relationships. All because a mom believes her child was not ready for baptism. My question is what the Catholic Church’s belief says about a child not being baptized unless it is approved by the parent. Does a child at this age, who has been saved and cleansed by the blood of Christ, have any obligation to honor her mother’s feelings or beliefs? I strongly believe that if God calls a person to act upon what their faith dictates them to do, who is to say otherwise. It is not about “I or me” but what a child has been called by God to do. Please correct me if I am wrong. Just wondering what a Catholic view would be on this matter.

    1. I’m a Catholic and have seen people that are adults getting baptized in the church. Maybe the mother felt her daughter should have been baptized in the Catholic church. But the Catholic church does recognize if someone was baptized in another church, and wants to convert to become a Catholic. The person would have to show a paper saying when they where baptized. Like proof of being baptized.

    2. Well Robbie, as long as the proper form and matter were used, she is now baptised and cannot be baptised again even in the Catholic Church. Form and matter is simply invoking the Trinity, I baptise you in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and you use water. At 17 she is not only old enough to make this decision but her mother a Catholic should have had her baptised as an infant, now I am only surmising here but as she didn’t do it I suspect it’s because she is not practicing her faith herself. Doesn’t sound like the 17 year old has been practicing in the Catholic Church either. For Catholics it’s not what I feel or you feel or Mother feels, it’s what the Church and Church law says in the Canons. So whether Mom is unhappy or not at this point it’s a done deal, again as long as the baptism was valid which I suspect it was. Hopefully Mom and daughter can make up and even go see a priest and ask to come back into communion with the Catholic Church.

  68. We want to have our baby baptized in the Catholic Church but we were told that we could not because the Godparents didn’t meet the requirements. Both were baptized in the Catholic Church. We are not going to find new Godparents. Is this the case at all Catholic Churches?

    1. Most priests want the god parents to have been confirmed and be actively practicing the religion (going to church regularly.) I Think some churches are more strict than others.

    2. Canon 872 of the Code of Canon Law says that sponsors (godparents) are to be given insofar as possible. They are not required.

  69. Please help me with this. I have been through so much and at the age of 25 I got diagnosed with a terminal illness. I’m 32 now and since the diagnosis, my life had went down hill and to surpass the pain of medicines and doctors, depression and being suicidal I have sinned in so many ways that I can’t come to peace with. Losing my faith was basically took over me. I want my faith back. I am baptized as catholic but want to be recleanes and rebaptized still as a catholic. My father says I’m not allowed but I rea want to do this to be at peace with myself. Can I be rebaptized?

    1. I believe that partaking in the Sacrements of Reconcilliation will bring you the peace that you are searching for.

    2. Antoni, first let me say you are now on my prayer list. There is good news here for you but first the bad news. No you cannot be baptised a second time and no priest or deacon is going to do it not even at the Easter Vigil. The only condition for baptism is that you have never been baptised before. So now the good news, the Catholic Church has two other Sacraments one of which is Penance, the Sacrament of Reconciliation, or known as confession. You need to have a priest come see you and make a full confession of your sins and Christ operating through the Priest will give you the pardon and peace you are looking for. Next when the illness takes it toll and you are nearing the end of your life here on earth tell your loved ones they are to call the priest to give you the anointing of the sick. Here the saving action of Jesus can give healing in body and soul if that’s God will. While the priest anoints you with oil and prays over you, you become reconciled with God and the whole Church. You will also receive a gift from the holy spirit, strength, peace and courage to endure the hardships you are facing. The most significant thing with this sacrament is the suffering you have been going through is united to the passion of Christ which is the very work of salvation. This sacrament completes the conformity to Christs, suffering and death just where baptism started.

  70. I am newly engaged and beginning to make plans for our wedding. We are planning to get married at our venue. Do we have to get married in a church and/or by a priest in order to baptize our future children? I have asked several people and I’ve gotten conflicting answers. Thanks!

    1. I am in the same situation as you. The christian faith was founded on the basis that it would be freely spread around the world. It is one of a few religions that promote people converting to it’s beliefs rather than be born into it. Baptism is the first sacrament. As long as the sponsors (parents or guardians of young children) pledge to raise them as a christian then it should not be a problem. The one parent who is religious probably should be making their presence at the church you will be choosing to baptize your future children. This is just my interpretation. I have be researching it and really haven’t found anything to contradict it yet.

    2. You don’t absolutely have to but the priest can deny baptism if there is not reason for him to believe the child will be raised Catholic. The baptismal promise includes the promise that you will do your best to raise your child in the Catholic faith. Why would you want your child baptized in a faith that you do not want to get married in?

      1. Why would a priest do that? If you baptize the child Catholic, at least there’s a decent chance they are raised in the Catholic faith. If you force them to go elsewhere (or nowhere), there is almost no chance.

    3. If you are both already Catholic then you would have to be married by a priest, then later your kids can get baptized in the Catholic church.

      1. Why? Why would the church withhold sacrament from the child for something the parents did? That makes no sense to me. I mean, you either want to grow the church or you don’t. Seems very petty.

    4. If your Catholic, you should be married in a parish church where either you or you husband to be attend. However, the Bishop can make an exception if it is for a really good reason. That your Rose garden is a nicer place than the church is not a good reason. That your in-laws won’t come if it’s in the Church then you have something to work with. If one of you is baptised Catholic and the other is not but is baptised in another denomination and you get married by a Minister then the Church recognizes your wedding as Sacramental but not valid because you didn’t apply for a dispensation from canonical form. If one is Catholic and the other not baptised the Church doesn’t recognize it. As for the child to be baptised there has to be a founded hope on the part of the priest that the child will be raised in the Church. It could be a god parent who will take on this responsibility or grandma or grandpa.

      I am newly engaged and beginning to make plans for our wedding. We are planning to get married at our venue. Do we have to get married in a church and/or by a priest in order to baptize our future children? I have asked several people and I’ve gotten conflicting answers

  71. My 11 year old daughter attends a catholic school !
    We are not catholic and I was baptised in a apostolic church in the mid 80s!
    My daughter has decided she would like to be baptised ! We are more than happy for her faith to be nurtured !

    How do we go about this ?

    1. Contact your nearest Catholic church. They have RCIC classes (Right of Christian Initiation for children) which typically happen once a week during the school year and then end in the class getting baptized at the Easter vigil the day before Easter. She may have to wait for the next class to start but that is how you would typically go about it.

  72. Pls give me guidance on this. My child was already baptized with a different date of birth appearing on the birthcert (as we used the 2nd autheticated bcert). My husband decided to do it that way for a personal reason. Although it’s against my will, I followed him. However, we had an issue with the Birth registration and seems like it would be a long legal procedure to close out. the original birthcert and it seems a hindrance for us to. keep the 2nd birthcert we prefer. I am getting anxious since my child will. go to school soon and I dont want any future conflict with his school record. My husband ia about to rebaptize my son with his original birthdate for record purposes…so if something happens my child is already baptized with 2 diff dates and we will have no prob when. the time comes he enter schooling.. We are unsure of the outcome of the legal proceedings so we thought pf doing this. Is this a sin? What happened to my child when. this happens?

    1. Hi Maria, your situation seems very confusing. First of all, there should not have been two different sets of dates on any of the certificates. A certificate is proof of the actual celebration, in other words, the date and information of when and where the actual baptism took place. The dates should never have been changed for any reason since those records are considered official and should not be altered in any way. If corrections to the original record are necessary, then the Pastor should include an addendum on the Baptism Registry. If there was an unintentional error made I could understand the two different dates, however, once the mistake was discovered it should have been corrected right of way. I would like to suggest that you contact the parish where the Baptism took place and make sure the correct date when the baptism took place is what is actually in the Baptism Registry. As you can now understand, I am sure, this is one of the reasons why we should not play around with these matters. It will always come back to hunt us. The good thing here is that there is still time to correct past errors. Once again, I recommend you contact the Pastor of the parish where the Baptism took place so that the correct information is entered in the child’s record. Sharing this information with him will also help you to better understand how to resolve this issue. Good luck! Peace and God’s blessings! Fr. José Eduardo

  73. I was married the first time through the Justice of the Peace. My recent Husband and I have now been married for 30 yrs but not through the Catholic Church. He is non-Catholic. My daughter asked me to be God Mother to my Granddaughter and was told by my church that I could not be God mother because I was not married through the church. I’ve been baptized, I had my holy communian and was comfirmed in the church. could i stand by the God parent when my grandchild is being baptized.

    1. Mary Jane, in the eyes of the Catholic Church your marriage is invalid, very easy to fix though. Go see a priest and ask to be married in the Catholic Church. You have the choice of having a large wedding as though it’s your first (which in the eyes of the church it is) or you can have a priest take a 10-15 minute wedding with an exchange of Catholic Rite vows. Either way though you have to go through the same process as anyone else asking for marriage. Check out the Archdiocese website for information but it does include marriage preparation course even thought you have 30 years experience. Then you will have a licit and valid marriage in the eyes of the Church. You can do this even if your husband is non-catholic, just follow the advice of the priest, there is a disparity of cult form etc.

    1. I don’t think so. You would have to convert, and that would take six months of learning about the Catholic church. You would go once a week for six months.

      1. You are wrong . You can marry a catholic and not convert. They do not even have to be baptized if they are not catholic. You can not have a full mass . But you can get married in the church. 37 years ago my husband and I were married — he was not catholic. But 2 years ago he took rcia classes and now is a very active member. I did not insist he join you have to decide for yourself. You have to convert for yourself not because someone wants you to. We raised our children catholic.–and yes they are still practicing their faith.

  74. Please give me some advise, thank you in advance!

    I have been baptized. I come from a Pentecostal Church.
    I want to send my child to a Catholic school.

    I know the School request for the child or either parent to be baptize and to be able to confirm the baptism certificate…

    Would I be able to use the certificate from my church or do i need to get baptized again at a Catholic church?

    1. No. Catholics belive in one baptism only for the forgiveness of sin. They do, however, recognize baptisms from some non-catholic denominations.

  75. Thank you for the useful information! I am working on a religion project about baptism and this site helped a great amount! Thank you so much!!

  76. I was baptized in a baptist church. I was married to a catholic in the church but now divorced. I have 3 children from my first marriage all raised Catholic and attended catholic school. I remarried a catholic by a justice of the peace. We have a new baby of our own we are desperate to baptize. We want the child to be raised in the church and attend school where his half-brother and sisters attended. We want his half brothers and sisters to be godparents but although they attended catholic school do not actively practice now and were not confirmed. We still dont seem to meet the requirements to have our son baptized. What can we do?

  77. How would i get my younger son baptized his son to be godmom is a doctor and i believe she loves out of the Philadelphia area and i would let to know if she would be able to go to her neighborhood catholic church in order to take up the classes in order for her to baptized my son she is a Catholic and her hours are tight she works at the doctor office and the hospital i went to the Catholic Church in my area they said i would have to come to the church with the soon to be godparents next week to attend for several weeks and my older son son to be godmom also for my other child lives out of state also in Mn how would she also go about that?

  78. My fiancé and I have a 2 month old and I would like to get him baptized under the Catholic Church. Only issue is, he as well would like to get him baptized but under his church. He is a seventh day Adventist and I am catholic. Its only fair for the both of us to respect eachothers religion. Is it at all possible to have our child baptized under two different churches?

    1. Typically Christian churches respect and recognize a baptism celebrated in another church. This is not true of all but most Christian churches. Those same churches generally recognize that once a baptism is celebrated it can not and should not be celebrated again. The Roman Catholic Church does recognize a Seventh Day Adventist baptism as valid. It is really more important how you and your husband will educate your child than choosing one church in which to have the baptism. You will be the primary educators for him in ways of faith.

  79. My husband and I married in the Catholic church and want to baptize our daughter in the Catholic church. We would like either one of our siblings to baptize her. However, each of our siblings were baptized Catholic, however have married non-Catholics outside the church.

    What can we do? What if my husband and I can’t find someone Catholic to baptize our daughter? Do we need to have a godparent? Can either one of us be the godparent?

    Thank you.

    1. Only a priest or deacon may baptize. Is your child in danger of immediate death? You need to have one godparent at least who is over 16, received confirmation and a Catholic in good standing (attends Mass, in a recognized marriage or single, not divorced.) A parent cannot be a godparent. Speak to your pastor if you cannot find a confirmed catholic to be a godparent. A question… Why do you want siblings to do the baptism rather than a priest? Baptism is a serious matter.

      1. The issue that would need to be resolved is that either of your siblings would need to have their marriage blessed, or convalidated (the church term) so their marriages may be recognized by the Church. It is not an issue that they married non-Catholics. If there were no previous marriages for them or no other circumstances that would inhibit the blessing of their marriage, Convalidation is not a huge deal and doesn’t take too long to occur. One of your siblings would need to approach their parish priest and start the process.
        You would want the sponsor of your child to be a practicing Catholic as the godparent role is to aid in the Catholic upbringing of the child.

  80. Hello i was wondering i was baptized when i was 9 years of age but i recently had a baby and my godparents were wondering if they can baptize my baby?

    1. People that are not a priest or deacon may only baptize when the person to be baptized is in danger of death and it is an emergency situation.

  81. My sister in law recently had a baby and has asked her brother and I to be Godparents to our neice. My husband and I both have been baptized in Jesus Name through our church (United Pentecostal Church). We are the only family practicing our faith. Her other siblings are not. Would we be allowed to be Godparents?

  82. Hi, my brother is baptizing his baby soon and has asked me to be the godmother. I was baptized as a baby but apparently have not met the other requirements (confirmation and communion or holy Eucharist) I am now 23 years old. How long does this process last? To be confirmed and do the communion. And also, if you did this process as a young child, do you have to prove this somehow? What if someone was baptized confirmed and did the Eucharist in another country? How do you obtain proof?

    1. Hi Andi,

      How long it takes for communion and confirmation varies, you should contact your nearest church.
      I just baptised my daughter and what was required from the godparents was proof of their baptism. To get this proof you have to go to the church your were baptised or have some relative that lives in that country get it for you. To make sure you fulfill all requirements it would be better for you to ask in the church that your brother is baptising his baby.

    2. When one receives Holy Communion and Confirmation, certificates are given to to the recipient. The Sacrament is also recorded in both the parish where the Sacrament was celebrated AND notification is sent to the recipients BAPTISMAL parish to be recorded in their Sacramental archives. There is documentation and it can be retrieved.
      One of the baptismal sponsors MUST be a Catholic in good standing.

  83. Can unmarried couple baptize their child? someone told me that catholic church does not allow unmarried couple to baptize their child. Is it true?

    1. They can get their child Baptised as long as they promise to raise and educate their child in the beliefs and practices of the Catholic Church.

  84. me and my twin sister breanna grew up in a family where religion and god werent a big priority for us and our parents.During our elementry school years we had gone to both the lutheran and catholic churches just a few times,mainly during the holidays,when we were 13,our dad had a heart attack and was in the hospital for quite a while.The hospital chaplain,who was a priest,came in and visited dad quite often and comforted him and also talked to mom and us and urged us to come to mass at his parish and see what its like.After dad recovered and got back to normal,we went to mass at the parish a few times and after talking to the priest after two years our parents decided to join the parish.Father talked to the four of us and told we would go thru orientation and then me and sis would have to be baptized,then be enrolled in the classes and make our first communions and then be confirmed. Two weeks later we met with the baptism director and went thru the baptism classes for a month.After we completed the classes,the date for me and sis’s baptisms were set.We were then told that that since we were new and to start off on the right foot we had to be baptized as infants thru the infant baptism program.The baptism director then told us that we have to wear all white baptism outfits and handed me and sis and our parents a sheet listing the required outfit.Sis and i looked at it and were flabbergasted to see on the list that we had to wear a white,knee length,infant style baptism gown with a matching bonnet.white tights and white mary jane shoes and the under wear requirement said a white under shirt,cloth diaper and rubberpants[plasticpants].She then told mom and dad that the outfit is absolute and must be worn for the baptism.she then said we could have our outfits made or they could be ordered thru the parish.Mom and dad then ordered our gown and bonnet and the white plastic pants and told mom and dad they were responsible for our under shirt,cloth diaper,tights and shoes.Mom made me and sis the cloth diaper,and we got our tights and under shirt and mary jane shoes.our gowns and bonnets and rubberpants came two weeks later.We turned 15 a week later and two weeks later,on sunday morning,mom and our god mom dressed us in the outfit and we were baptized as infants during the mass.we both felt weird being dressed as babies and having the cloth diaper and rubberpants on under our tights.A year later at 16 we made our first holy communions and then were confirmed at 18.we are now devout catholics and god is our life guide.

    1. At my parish,all of the girls being baptized,both preteen and teen,wear the Infant type outfit for their baptisms at easter vigil and are baptized as babies.The white infant style gown with a matching bonnet and white tights and white patent leather shoes is the standard out fit.A cloth diaper and rubberpants is worn under their tights with a white under shirt as their top.Afew girls in the past have worn the poofy,midthigh length baptism dress with the bonnet,tights etc.I have seen girls up to 18 wearing the infant baptism outfits and they looked very pure and innocent.At easter vigil,the girls are considered as babies and are baptized right along with the regular infants,Our daughter is now 18,and we had her baptized at easter vigil two years ago when she was 16 and she wore the gown and matching bonnet with the tights and patent leather shoes and had the cloth diaper and rubberpants under her tights with the white under shirt and she was baptized with the infants.All of the girls who were baptized at easter vigil are required to wear their baptism diaper,rubberpants,tights and under shirt under their first communion dresses,since they are newly baptized babies.

    2. To Lucille M.-I was finially baptized when i was 15 and had to wear a white,poofy,short sleeve,top of the knees,”baby girl” style dress with a matching bonnet,lace anklets and white ‘mary jane’ style shoes and had to wear a cloth diaper and plastic pants and tee shirt under the dress.I was considered an infant for my baptism.Right after my baptism,i made my First Holy Communion in my baptism outfit so i didn’t get to wear a communion dress and veil.

  85. My son and daughter in law are divorcing. She filed, and they have 4 kids, she had 1 child from another relationship, and my son adopted her. Divorce is file because of her mental condition. He does not want the divorce, but there is no-fault in our state. Their 7 yr old daughter, who is attending a Catholic school, is to be baptized this Sunday. She was dedicated at the couples church when she was an infant. Daughter in law is going back to Catholic faith, son was raised in the Christian faith. I question how my son has no say in this matter, priest won’t consult with them as a couple, said the child at 7 can be baptized without both parents permission. Said he is not a counselor, so doesn’t seem to mind that this family is being torn apart by a divorce. There is no problem with the child being baptized, but feel my son should have input in this. Question the motives of many involved in this. Doesn’t seem a need to refer this couple to therapy, to keep the family together. Just hurry this baptism through. The vows have you before God, stating that you will raise this child in the faith. While a divorce is something that God hates.

    1. I am assuming the child will be in the primary custody of the mother, so it seems she will be raising the child in the Catholic faith that she has rediscovered. You said the child goes to Catholic school, so I don’t know why there is issue with her being baptized Catholic….this is the faith she is taught in school. The most important issue is that the child be baptized, and the sooner, the better.

  86. My 11month old son is to be baptised at this end of the month after months of issues with my in-laws. I have now been told by our old-fashioned priest that the sponsors we have chosen are not adequate. My sister and my uncle. Both catholics—baptised & confirmed. My sister then married outside of the church but never joined another church. Do the sponsors both have to be catholics? I have been told by a reliable source that only 1of them has to be a practicing catholic.

    1. I just spoke to the pastoral associate at my church because I’m looking to have my 5 week old baptized. He said that one of the godparents needs to be catholic, not both.

    2. Hi my name is Julie I am 12 years old and I am.very close to God and I don’t want to disappoint him so if you can that would be great if you could help me. My cousin had a baby he isn’t baptis and we are seeing each other on thanksgiving and I was thinking about secretly baptizing him but I don’t know. Please help me! GOD BLESS

  87. Hi,
    If a Grandmother has baptised her grandchildren in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit with good intentions, (not an emergency) and now the children would like to be received into the Catholic church, what would take place in the Rite of Baptism/RCIA on Easter Vigil?
    Thank you,

    1. Grandparents baptizing a baby without parental knowledge and when there is no emergency, is not a valid baptism. The parents need to desire the baby be baptized, and it needs to be done by priest, or deacon. ALL Sacraments of Intiation would need to be done at the Vigil.

  88. I’m 25 and fell out of faith a few years ago and went down a bad path. is it to late for ne to be saved and brought back to gods kingdom?

  89. I have a friend that is concerned for her grandchild that has not been baptized. The parents are not concerned to do this. Someone told her she could baptize the baby herself. Can she?

    1. Technically yes, if the baby is in an emergency situation (such as serious illness or near death), but the secret-baptism-in-grandma’s-kitchen-sink while valid if done in the right way isn’t really condoned. The parents should consent to the baptism of their child.

      1. Hi there, I baptized my two youngest ( 3 and 2) myself today because I am very afraid that something might happen to them when I am not around to perform an immediate emergency baptism. I was raised in Catholic faith and my husband is not. He did become catholic later on but he wants to wait till somebody from his side of the family comes from overseas so we can baptize our children in our church. Well, we’ve been waiting just under 4 years for his family to come over but nobody did and in those years I kept on fearing for my children’ souls. I really want them baptized so I did it myself. Did I do a good thing? Is this baptism valid? Will this baptism conflict the one done in church (if it ever gets done)?

        1. Hello Elisa,

          If you did the baptism in the right way it is valid. If it was done in the right way there is no need to do it in a church again, but it wouldn’t conflict if done again.

          1. Four years is too long to wait for overseas relatives! Your child needs the graces from the sacrament! TALK to your husband and get the child baptized ASAP. I don’t think what you did was valid. There was no danger or risk of death. Do it for the sake of the child!

  90. Hello I was just wondering since my sons father is catholic and wants our son to be baptized in the catholic faith. I however have not been baptized, my family was never very religious and we are not a legally married couple. Is it still possible for us to baptize him or would I need to be baptized and would we need to be married before he can be baptized?

  91. Hi, Me and my husband are both catholic. We are living in Canada. I’m a permanent resident and my husband is a Canadian citizen. We want our daughter to be baptise in the phillippines. Is that possible?

    Thank you!

  92. I was baptized catholic as a baby. I was re baptized and joined the LDS church when I was 19. I left the LDS church 3 years later. It did not meet my needs. Have not attended church since. I am 73. Can I attend Catholic church and receive communion. I realized early on that I had made a mistake joining the LDS church. I have always thought of my self as Catholic.

    1. Based on your brief information, the Catholic Church would welcome you back with open arms. It would be best if you sat down with your local priest and had a conversation with him. You probably want to go to confession before receiving the Eucharist. You might even want to join the RCIA program and receive confirmation if you have not done so. I had an 83 year old grandmother in my class last year and we had a joyful celebration on Easter. She was wonderful.

      1. Hi, I’m 16 years old and was always brought up in a non religious family, I was never christened, but I occasionally went to church. Since reading and learning about the Catholic church and beliefs I have taken a strong interest in it and I am fascinated by it all and believe now that I am old enough and responsible enough to decide for myself that I would like to be Catholic, is it possible for me to become a full Catholic now and complete all religious ceremonies to be accepted into the Catholic church, I also go to a catholic college and know when I have children that I would like them too, to be Catholic.

    2. Hello Dorothy,

      You most definitely could attend Mass and it is always strongly suggested no matter what circumstances. As far as receiving communion I would talk to your parish priest but I can’t see them having an issue if you’ve already received the sacrament of communion. Sure there are the circumstances such as being divorced supposedly cannot receive communion, but there has been a recent story of the pope himself calling a local priest allowing the priest to not restrict communion to those who have received the sacrament.

  93. Hello,

    My ex has made several threats to me that there will be no baptism of our 3 month old until court is over, and that my son’s last name changes to his. We are currently in the beginning stages of a high conflict custody battle. My family agrees that we should do the baptism anyway, as there should be absolutely no reason for a child to be stopped at receiving the Holy Sacrament (just because of a last name)
    It also bothers me that my ex (who is a religion teacher at a catholic school) does NOT follow the catholic faith. In fact, he is against many of the teachings and I have several emails proving this from the past.
    My lawyer told me that there is no law against me baptizing my son without his permission, but I read online somewhere that this can be used against me in court.
    What should I do?

  94. Hi, my friend wants to baptize their baby, but the priest won’t allow it because they aren’t married yet. He told them they have to attend church for 6 weeks as part of preparation and they have to get married. Before the mass he came up to them and told them they cannot receive Holy Communion because they are living together. How can they baptize their child? The priest is a Hindu catholic and speaks poor english.

  95. Good day,
    I have two boys, 8 years old and 11 years old, I would like them to be baptized as Catholics, I am Catholic and my ex-husband is Muslim. Do I need my ex husband consent to get my kids baptized.
    He said to wait until they are adults for them to choose what religion, but I think as they are still kids they need a blessing, and would like for them to have the Catholic baptism. Would I need my ex permission to do this?
    Thank you in advance.

    1. Muslims are nothing but trouble, they are controlling and their wives have no decission. Ever see the movie Not Without My Daughter? You have to stand up and be in control of your childrden, not him. This is America and women rule. You are the mother and you tell him you are baptizing them. If anything, do it behind his back. Don’t let him treat you this way. Stand up for yourself and your rights. You are the mother to your children and you have more rights than him.

      1. Prejudice much? That sounds a little anti-Christian if you ask me. You are only fuelling the hate of other religions and not loving thy neighbour. Stop giving advice until you can learn to be accepting of other people and their religions and stop stereotyping.

      2. Christians are sick


        “they are controlling and their wives have no decission”
        “You have to stand up and be in control”

        Which is it?

        Kind of like forcing a child to be baptized?

        The stupidity and hypocrisy of christians never ceases to amaze.

  96. My son is 7 years old and has cerebral palsy. I’m a Catholic, is it possible for him to be baptized without attending catechism?

  97. I am a born Catholic and I married a man who is Hindu. I have two kids a three year old daughter and a 11 month old son. My daughter currently attends The Catholic school . I asked him to get the kids baptised and he was okay with it. I came home yesterday and his mother (mother in law) approached me saying that the kids are born hindu and will die a Hindu. I have respected their religion and never once critize it. She is saying that once I baptise the kids they will become Catholic. Can you please explain to me what I can do in such situation where I have my in laws who feel they can control me and my kids life.

    1. I am very sorry to hear of your situation and it sounds like you are having some relationship difficulties with your mother-in-law. This is not a battle for you to fight on your own, but should be fought together with your husband. Ask for his support and for him to talk with his mother-in-law.

  98. I’m expecting my first next year. I am Catholic. My dilemma is godparents.
    None of my close friends or relatives are Catholic…or they are not “good” Catholics.
    For example, my youngest brother received all of the sacraments (baptism, communion, confirmation) but he and his fiancee chose to be married by a judge (they are both attorneys). If I read correctly, this means he now is no longer “catholic” enough for the job. I am at a loss of what to do.

  99. Hello! I’m a Catholic who just had a baby 3 weeks ago. I wish to attend a mass this Sunday since it’s the first time I felt better after giving birth and I want my son to come with me. We’re planning his Baptism on his second month. Is he allowed to come with me even though he’s not baptized yet?

  100. Hi, I am 25 years old and got a baby who’s 1 year old now. I am so totally worried because I am a catholic but I cannot remember if I was able to have my communion. All I remembered when I was asked if am I catholic or not and I answered her I am not.(I was gradeschool at that time). Please help, I need to follow the rules of a catholic. Im scared because maybe Jesus will not forgive me and wont ever accept me when I died.

    1. Be not afraid. Jesus does love you and your family, and He wants you to come to Him. He in fact can and will make it all possible. One of the very real ways in which He does that is the priests through whom He acts. Please go and see a Catholic priest as soon as you can. Tell him about your situation, and let him help you.

  101. Hello,
    My husband and I are having our first child baptized this month. The Decan wants to meet with us first. What kinds of questions should I expect during this meeting?

    Just some background about us… I was raised a Catholic but my husband was raised Presbyterian. He wants our son baptized catholic as do I. I have not attended mass regularly in recent years but now that I am a mother I want to carry on the same traditions I had with my son. We just joined this parish a week ago also.

  102. hi, i am already baptised when i was a child. my godmother is not good to me. i want to baptized again. she is not like my other godmothers/godfathers. she almost boxed me. she is so mean and arrogrant. she is not good to me. what to do??? a godmother should be good to her niece. my aunt is my godmother. i am thinking to baptize again. can i?

    1. Hello rozee. It sounds like in your culture that godparents take on quite a bit more significance than in my culture, but as far as the sacrament of baptism is concerned, once you have been baptized you are baptized forever regardless of any future actions your godparents may take (such as leaving the faith, mistreatment, etc.). Your baptism is in Christ, not in your godmother. Your hope is in Christ and he will be your strength in the face of your persecution.

  103. I am pregnant with my first child. The baby’s father and I are not married but are together. He was baptized catholic as an infant and we would like to have our child baptized as well. However, I am not catholic and everything I read about the churches near me is that we have to become members of the church and attend classes in order to have our child baptized. I do not attest this except my question is can I become a member of the church without attending RCIA or being baptized/converted? If not, would I be able to attend my child’s baptism under the same conditions?

    1. Hello, Nikki. Yes, you can become a member of a parish even if you are not Catholic. You, personally, would not be able to celebrate the sacraments unless you become Catholic, but you would be able to join a parish and attend the baptism.

  104. I just watched an infant baptism where the priest carried the baby to the front and introduced him to the people. My child will be baptized at 13 months old and will be bigger and most-likely walking at that time. Is there a different approach they take with a toddler baptism?

    1. That’s a good question for your priest. His presentation of the infant to the congregation is not a standard practice. It doesn’t mean what he is doing is wrong, but it’s not part of the rubrics.

  105. I was raised Catholic and my wife Baptist. We are expecting our first child in a couple of months and plan to raise our children Catholic. My wife has not converted to Catholicism yet, but we want our child baptized in the Catholic church shortly after birth. My understanding is that my wife’s status will not affect our ability to baptize our baby. Is that correct?

  106. I have a friend in Mexico who will be baptizing her baby, and one of the baby’s to be Godparent is Indian Hindu. Can he be a Godfather even if he’s not a Catholic?

  107. Hello,

    I have always identified as a Christian even though I did not attend church regularly as a child. I am in my early twenties and I have been going to mass with my boyfriend on and off for a few months now and have been thinking about being baptized as a catholic. I have always wanted to be baptized, but I have never belonged to a church or identified with a certain denomination of Christianity. I don’t know where to begin. I am currently in school and move around a lot so I am always going to different churches. Do I need to belong to a certain church to be baptized? How long do I need to attend mass before I can be baptized? And what are the steps I need to take to become baptized? Thanks!

  108. Hi my husband is catholic and I am a Christian. We are currently deciding on baptizing our daughter in the Catholic Church but are wondering if it would be a issue that I am a Christian and that we were married in a Christian church.

    1. About Catholics

      I don’t believe that to be an issue, but it is always best to check with your local Catholic parish to make sure. You are both Christian as Catholics are the first Christians. I believe you to mean that you are non-denominational Christian, is that correct?

    2. I think there’s something going wrong madam vanessa,this child of ua’s will be confused in which dinomination to follow since every dinomination hs their teachings, others dont follow the bible teachings fully, so why dont u stiked in christianity and let ua chirld to be baptise there?

  109. Hello,

    I was wondering if you could help. My friends have asked me to be Godmother for their little boy at his Catholic Baptism.

    I was christened in a COE church but have no evidence of this other than the name of the church and the approximate month and year.

    Would this be a problem and would I still be able to be his Godmother in these circumstances.

    Many Thanks


  110. To have my child baptized does he need godparents? I understand the role of godparents but what if no one in our life fits that role?

  111. Please help I take my catholic religion quite serious and have baptized my daughter 2 years ago and now she is 2.5 years old. At the time I picked my sister and a gf to be the god parents to my child believing that they would fulfill the responds ability. To my shock they have not been around or even bothered being in my child’s life and feel that my daughter deserves to have good god parents that will be there for her.
    I have been losing sleep about this and was wanting to re baptize her with new responsible god parents as I feel that it would help me and my daughter please help as I have been a god mother twice and have fulfilled my role and still do and take it quite seriously

  112. My daughters are three and were baptized in the Catholic church. Both sets of god parents have not been active in their lives. I would like to have them both re-baptized by a friend of mine who more than qualifies. Is this possible?

      1. Alycia Numkena

        I understand that it is a one time event, but isnt one of the purposes of baptism is to have someone as an additional spiritual guide? If those people are 100% not involved in their lives shouldnt there be an exception? I know you dont make the “rules,” its just a question.

        1. About Catholics

          Yes, this can be quite a dilemma for some people. The primary purpose of the sacrament is to initiate someone into the life of God. The blessed water, infused with the Holy Spirit, has been poured over the child, and s/he has been sealed with the Holy Spirit through the anointing with oil. The baptismal rite has been completed and your child is now a child of God. Baptism leaves an unremoveable mark on the soul signifying that the person has been baptized. Regardless of the status of the godparents, your child is still a child of God and that will never change. The baptisms purpose has been fulfilled. The purpose of Baptism is not to name godparents for someone, but rather to initiate the person into the Church.

          If you find later on that the godparents you chose are no longer fit for the task then you are free to associate with and have your child associate with someone who is a better fit.

          The focus in any sacrament is about the change that God makes in us through his grace communicated to us via the sacrament.

      2. I know your point BUT,. my mother had me baptized shortly after my sister was born. We were then adopted separately and my family later converted and I was baptized again. With no memory of the first to which do I confess for the forgiveness of sins? Can’t get a straight answer it seems from the clergy. The first was certainly legitimate soooo.. riddle me that.

  113. Ashish Agarwal

    I want to know that is there any rule in India that anybody get the money after taking baptism from Hindu to catholic christian. My friend in India became christian from Hindu & he wants to know about that because he listen from somewhere that if you convert from one cast to another then you will get some money from that religion.

  114. Ashish Agarwal

    is there any rule in india that anybody get the money after taking baptism from hindu to catholic christian

  115. I was baptized as a Christian almost a year ago to the day. I was not baptized with the Trinitarian formula; I was baptized in the name of Jesus Christ.
    Over this year I have made the decision to become Catholic. I understand that to the Catholic Church this is not a valid baptism, but it was the most real and wonderfully emotional experience of my life.
    Now I am having a difficult time in understanding that my baptism was not real. So when I start my journey to Catholicism, do I need to make my baptismal circumstances known and get re-baptized?

    1. About Catholics

      You should most definitely make your baptismal circumstances known and the RCIA facilitator will help you from there.

  116. My dad is Italian, raised in Brooklyn, I have always been a proud catholic! Two years ago when I got engaged to my non catholic wife, the first person we talked to was the Deacon regarding getting married in the church. We were excited, then weeks later the Deacon communicated that we did not have enough time. I was sad. Now we have a 4 month old baby and my only wish is for her to get baptized. In our meeting with the Deacon, he stated that our marriage would not be recognized in Catholic church and that I could not receive the sacrament. I had my first communion when I was eleven and have been receiving the sacrament ever since. My feeling were hurt. Now the deacon is scheduled to baptize my baby. I’m ashamed that I have resentment toward the Deacon. What should I do?

    1. Resentment typically leads to anger. A mortal sin in that it may lead to murder if I understand this correctly. Let it go. Please.

  117. Good Morning,
    I have a question my son would like to have his son baptized, he is 3 weeks old. But my grandson parents are not together. My son would like to have his son baptized and has choosen my grandson god-father. The mother of my grandson is catholic and wants to have him bapitzed also, but she would like her sister to be the god-mother. right now her sister is working on getting all her sacrements completed. My question is can my son have my grandson bapitized at one time and can grandson’s mother bapitzed him another time?

      1. Jon,

        Can my grandson be baptized twice? We are not sure when she will actually have him baptized. Can he get baptized at 2 different catholic parishes?

        1. About Catholics

          If a child is presented for Baptism at another parish after having been baptized elsewhere, if the second parish doesn’t know that the child has been baptized elsewhere, the ceremony could be performed twice. However, only the first time will the sacrament actually take place since you can be baptized only once.

  118. Hi my name is Maricela and i had a question. My husband and i are married by civil court and we have a daughter that will be baptized by Catholic. We asked his sister and her husband to be godparents they said yes. My question is can we baptize one of her kids when they baptizey daughter. Also can my husband be part of the ceremony even though he has not yet been baptized. Thank you!

    1. About Catholics

      Baptisms can be arranged any time depending upon the priest’s or deacon’s schedule and the policy of the parish or diocese.

      1. I have a friend who attends a church that the pastor says all people who are not baptized in water will not go into the Kingdom of God..needless to say it worries me..I was baptized in the catholic church as an infant..what do you think

    2. I baptized my first wife by the roadside after an accident, so, anytime, anywhere, by anyone using the Trinitarian formula is my understanding, typically in exigent (sp?) circumstances of course. None of my children were baptized at Sunday Mass. Someone please let me know if I got this right.

  119. Based on the information, then, is it impossible to baptise some one on his death bed who is an atheist (for example)? i was taught that it is the faith of Christ that provides the grace for the Baptism. (So, an infant has no need to consciously participate in the gift he is receiving. The infant is receiving – not giving.) I thought maybe that same gift might be extended to some one at the point of death – some one who has become unable (like the infant) to purposefully choose to reject Christ….. ???

    1. About Catholics

      Hi Marie. I understand your line of thinking. Has the atheist expressed any desire to be baptized?

  120. My daughter plans on having my grandson baptized Catholic, even though she is not Catholic. Her boyfriend (not my grandson’s father), however, is Catholic, though he has not to the best of my knowledge been a practicing one for many years. I believe she is having my grandson baptized for all the wrong reasons, but she is determined to continue. I am at the point where I really have no wish to attend the ceremony because I am opposed to not letting him make his own decision when he’s ready. Not to mention the fact that they live nowhere within the parish they are getting him baptized into. Please advise.

      1. I do not know. She is not particularly religious and hasn’t been since she was a young girl. I suspect that she’s doing it to somehow please her boyfriend, or ingratiate herself in to his family. His 7th birthday is in August, and I think she wants to get it done before he reaches the age of reason. Is there any way I can object to this, like in a wedding? I’m sorry, I know this is a Catholic website, but I firmly believe that my grandson should make his own choice when he’s ready, not when she decides that he’s ready.

  121. hi, my son as been refused a place at our local catholic primary school because he is not baptised catholic, he is baptised under the water under the words of the son the father the holy spirit, COE, but we go to catholic mass every Sunday and his 2 catholic sisters attend the school, should he be refused admission or is he accepted in a catholic church

  122. I have been given permanent care of my granddaughter, I went to the Parish Office to see about getting her baptised. I went to their three meetings and at the last meeting the Priest said he had a problem with her being baptised. He said I had to call him and speak to him about it, however none of the other parents had any problems. I feel embarrassed and intimidated now and I never called him as it was the second time I tried to get her baptised, but they told me to come back after I had permanent care, which I did. What can I do. Can I go to another parish now and have her baptised, she is six years old and she heard the priest say he had problems with baptising her. Her parents were never married and her father is a Muslim Immigrant who has never seen her or had anything to do with her. Please help.

    1. About Catholics

      Hi Colleen. I hope it was an unfortunate misunderstanding, but I think you should make your situation known to the priest or another staff member that he designates. If he said he has a problem, what problem did he give you? If he didn’t give details, then ask him to elaborate and explain how you felt by him talking like that in front of the child. I think that is the best place to start.

  123. Hello,
    My name is Linda and I’m currently 5 months pregnant and not baptised. My fiancé is a Christian orthadox and wants to be married in his church. I attend a Christian Catholic Church. I am too embarrassed to ask the priest if he will baptise me in order for us to get married before the baby arrives. Can you please tell me if this can be done and weather I should bother asking. I’m really desperate for some answers.
    Thank you

    1. About Catholics

      Please do not be embarrassed! The priest should be more than happy to assist you with bringing you into the church. Your salvation is the reason he joined the priesthood!

  124. Hello Jon,

    I am Catholic and baptized nearly 60 years ago in Europe. I received all my other sacraments as well. however, I do not have any written proof of any of these sacraments. Good friends of my asked me to be the god mother for their daughter which I accepted. After a while, i was informed I could not be a god mother since I don’t have the proof of my sacraments. Is there still a way to be a god mother? Please let me know. Thank you so much. Myriam

    1. About Catholics

      Hi Myriam. Often times when this happens there are a couple options. If you know someone else who was at your baptism and could be used as a witness, an affidavit of baptism could be written in place of your baptismal certificate. Alternatively a priest could do a conditional baptism for you in order to make sure you have received the sacrament.

  125. Terry Reynolds

    Since I was baptised in the L.D.S. Church, would I need to be re-baptised to join the Catholic Church? I have been reading a lot about the church and praying the rosary. To be honest, I feel a sence of peace doing that and have attended Mass in the past and felt very comfortable. I am thinking about becoming a member of the Catholic faith and wondered about how that would work. Thank you kindly for any answers you can offer. God bless.

    1. About Catholics

      Hi Terry. Welcome! Yes, you would need to be baptized in the Catholic Church as I do not believe the Church recognizes LDS baptisms.

      1. Terry Reynolds

        Thank you for your reply Jon. I was also baptised in a baptist church years before being baptised in the L.D.S. Church, would I still need to be re-baptised? What if I have no baptismal certificate from the baptist church, would I have to have that?

        1. About Catholics

          Hi Terry. Typically the Catholic Church recognizes baptisms from Baptist churches, but I am not clear on how the Church records or validates that. Baptists don’t treat baptism the same way as we do so there wouldn’t be a baptismal record from the Baptist church to prove it. This would be a good question to bring to an RCIA class if you decide to join the Catholic Church.

  126. Hi.
    I have a 3 month old baby. The father and i are not getting along!
    I want to baptize my child and the father is saying no!
    Am i allowed to baptize my child without permission?

    1. About Catholics

      Typically both parents should be involved, however in certain circumstances exceptions may be made. Please contact your parish to work with your situation.

  127. Hello my name is Kendra. I have a few questions for you if you may be so kind to answer. Well here is a briefing of the situation. I’m 19 years old, my daughter had just turned a year old. I was wondering if she can be baptized although I have not been? My mother wanted to but she never got around to it. Or must I be baptized first? I have been to church, its been a while though. Also if I can baptize her can I do so being a single mother? And must the god parents be baptized also in order to be her god parents? Whom must I go to, to ask about all of this? Also must her birth father be present at the time of baptism? Please I need information. Thank you.

    1. Hi Kendra
      you do not have to be baptized in order to baptize your baby – you must have the intent of raising your baby in the Catholic Church. As for yourself you should contact your local Catholic church and ask about the RCIA program which will give you instruction and prepare you for your own baptism, confirmation and first communion.
      God Bless – you are heading in the right direction

    2. Kendra – yes your godparents need to be baptized, confirmed & received Holy Eucharist. They must be at least 16 years old and attend Church on a regular basis. If you are not with the baby’s father, he does not have to be present at the baptism, but you should get his permission – not mandatory if your are the custodial parent.

  128. Hi
    I don’t have our sons baptism certificates are they registered on a registry as this was done is South Australia..

  129. Sorry I asked early if you can batize a baby if you are not married by church but, are married by court? We been married 12 yrs.

    1. Yes – your marriage situation should not prevent you from baptizing your baby – however, it would be best to talk with your parish priest about having your civil marriage validated in the Church – it is not that complicated to do.

  130. hi, im twenty years old and have never been baptized, my family is Methodist but I would like to be baptized and join the catholic church, is it necessary to have godparents at my age?

    1. About Catholics

      Hi Brandon. You would go through a process called RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults). You wouldn’t have godparents per se, but rather someone acts as your sponsor to move through the process with you and fulfill much the same role in an adult format.

  131. Hello, My husband and I are married through Catholic Church, we wanted to baptize our son. We had asked my husband’s brother and wife. They are married but not through church, and he’s catholic but she’s Jehovah witness. Is it possible to baptize or no.

  132. I have a question, My boyfriend was asked to baptize a child of his friends with another women. I find it to be very disrespectful. We are not married but we are three months pregnant. Can he even baptize the child while being with someone?

  133. PHi,I have very important,question,we have plan to get married.nxt year,but I just know now that I’m not baptist yet.
    And I’m twenty one years old now,can I get baptist and wedding on same day,I been church ,attend mass.receive bread frm god,but I did not know,before,that I’m not baptist ,I just know,now that prepared for plan to get married,I
    .thank you,I asked if it is allow if I do that baptist same day to our wedding,is that ok.thank you.I ll wait the answer

  134. Does the Catholic church accept the baptism of members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints (Mormons)? According to your explanation above it does because of the prayer they use when baptizing.I have a friend who is Catholic but his wife is Mormon. Will she be saved with her churches Baptism or will she need to be re-baptized ? I enjoy your web sight and look forward to your answer.



    1. About Catholics

      No, not that I am aware of. My understanding is that their baptism is different and not accepted by the Catholic Church.

  135. Ok so my husband and I baptized my daughter in the lutheran church September 1,2013. His family and him are catholic and now want to baptize her again in the catholic church but from what I have heard from many is no you cant if baptized once and in a different religion. A child should not be baptized again unless the childs life is in danger right?

  136. I have a serious question I had a baby with a guy we are not married but are in court status he dosen’t want me to baptize our son nd our son is 8 months already I want him baptize but the father dosent we do have a temporary domestic order nd says do not change childs religion doctor and so forth would that prevent a baptism from happening we are not changing the religion cuz his father is catholic too?? I need to know asap

  137. I have a question, my fiancee was raised Catholic and I am in the process of completing my RCIA classes to become a Catholic as well. I was previously married and have a 10 year old son of that marraige. My son’s biological father will not consent to me having my son Baptized as he does not believe in church, is there anyway I can have the ceromony completed without his approval? My son spends 90% of his time with myself and my fiancee and we plan to raise him in the Catholic faith and would like him to be baptized. At what age can he consent to the Baptism on his own?
    (I am in the process of having my previous marraige nullified so we may proceed to marry in a Catholic church as a side note)

    1. Hi Erin. Welcome to the Catholic Church! I hope you are looking forward to full communion at the Easter Vigil. I believe your son could seek baptism on his own as he is beyond the age of reason (7 years old). Parental consent is typically desirable, but I don’t know that he would need the support of both parents. You would need to find godparents who are willing to be a part of the process. God bless.

    1. Yes, your child may be baptized. Contact your parish to make the arrangements and to discuss your specific situation.

  138. Hi there,

    I am catholic and my husband Anglican.
    We were married in a Catholic Church. We now have a 3month old daughter and are torn as to which way to go with baptism. My husband feels the catholic do not accept other Christianity’s such as having communion ( as he could not have this at our catholic wedding reception) whilst in an Anglican chili rich anybody who has had holy communion from whatever church can. So my husband feels he will not be able to choose godparents in a catholic baptism as none of his friends/ family are.

    Please can you advise me

    1. Hi Rochella. For me the choice is simple: baptism in the church established by Jesus Christ, or baptism in a church that split away from the Catholic church by decree of an English king? Communion in the Catholic Church is the true body and blood of our Lord, something no other church can claim. To receive communion means that you believe and accept everything that church teaches. Catholics should not receive communion in other churches and the opposite is true as well because of what it signifies. When baptizing a young child the parents are making a pledge of faith on behalf of the child; if you are baptizing the child Catholic then you are pledging to raise that child as a Catholic. Knowing this, it follows that the Church requires the godparents to be Catholic. I will pray for you and your husband as you make your decision.

  139. Hi Sir Jon!

    Can one still be a godfather without being physically present during the baptism? my sister had her baby and i was wondering if i can still be its godfather even though im not there at the time of his baptism. thank you!

  140. I would like to know if I can be baptized in the Philippines. My father was a Roman Catholic, but he died when I was very young and as a result of this I was never baptized. I am now nearly 62 years. My girlfriend lives in Cebu in the Philippines and she would have liked for me to get baptized while I was visiting her. But apparently it would seem to be a complicated procedure, by some rules that say I have to reside their for six months. If there are such rules, then these rules are made by men and not God. I would have thought that God was a mercy full God and considering the Holy Catholic Church is a universal church, what difference would it make where I come from? But I suppose if I was to donate money to the church in question, it would be accepted and borders and origins would be forgotten.

  141. Me and my ex boyfriend baptis our daughter when she was 3 months and I was mostly not into the whole spiritual and didn’t really fully understand the whole point of baptizing our daughter. I went along with mostly because I just wanted to please him. And because he said as a mexican it was a tradition. As for the godparents they jut baptised and showed up 2-3 times and that was it.
    I remarried and both me and my husband are attending church every Sunday . Nobody force me into any religion, i went by choice ,And honestly ,i never felt more closer to god. Iam pregnant with my second child I want to baptis both of them at the same time. Can I ? Even though my oldest daughter is already baptis ?
    Thank you.

  142. Hello,

    I just recently baptized my 2 year old. The godparents that I had chosen for my child have recently went through divorce and the godfather has gone down a very dark path. I fear that my child may not have a very strong faithful path if I were to pass, and her godmother be the only one left to guide her. Can i re baptize with new godparents or what would be the correct steps?

    1. About Catholics

      Hi there. I’m sorry to hear about your daughter’s godfather. Her baptism is not affected by this and so there would be no need to re-baptize her. I urge you to pray for the godfather and keep praying. While I cannot give official legal advice, I recommend that you draw up legal papers (a will or a trust, etc.) that specify where your child will be placed if you pass away. Select close friends or relatives that also have a good Catholic household and that share your values in order to provide a good faith background for your child in the event that you cannot.

  143. hello there i have a quick question we have baptized my oldest daughter now we are in the process of baptizing our second daughter my husband was chosen to be the godfather of my nephew along wit me we are married but not threw church he was baptized and did his communion however he hasnt done his confirmation, we are doing the baptism in puerto rico as this is where my family is at he might not be able to be present for the baptism is there a way a proxy can stand for him, also he cannot find his communion information as we have moved so many times that alot of our papers have been lost how can he become the godfather with no issues here in puerto rico they are so strict with what they want however we baptized our first daughter in the catholic faith already

  144. My boyfriend and I have a 15 month old son & would love to baptize him, but we are not married & I’m not baptized but he is. Can we still baptize him?

    1. About Catholics

      Yes, I believe that baptism for your child is possible because of the faith of your boyfriend. Are you interested in becoming a Catholic Christian yourself?

  145. Jon, I am originally a Indian citizen and a Hindu by birth, currently working in the US on a work permit visa, I have been exploring the Christian way for over a year now and would like to convert into a Catholic Christian. I would really appreciate if you have any insights on if it will be possible for me to get baptized in a church in the US though I am not an US citizen. Please let me know – Venkat