Great Ideas for Advent

Advent is the season of preparation for Christmas. It is a waiting period for the celebration of the anniversary of Jesus coming into the world. Here are some great ideas for you (and your family) to get into the spirit of Advent!

What are the Differences Between Catholics and Christians?

Initially, it may be confusing to understand how Catholicism relates to Christianity. When you ask Protestants what religion they are, most of them will say, “Christian.” When you ask Catholics the same question, however, nearly all of them will identify as “Catholic.” Yet Catholics believe in Jesus and read the Bible. So how does Catholicism …

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Pentecost, which we celebrate this Sunday, is the liturgical season after Easter. It celebrates the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Church. Pentecost begins the eighth Sunday, or 50 days, after Easter Sunday. The descent of the Holy Spirit ushered in a new era for the people of God. The Jewish History of Pentecost …

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Ash Wednesday

Catholics and some Protestants celebrate Ash Wednesday. The name “Ash Wednesday” comes from the blessed ashes that are applied to the foreheads of the faithful. Being marked with ashes is a public acknowledgement that one is a sinner, as we all are. What is Ash Wednesday? Ash Wednesday is the first day of the liturgical …

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Good Friday

Good Friday is the first day of the Easter Triduum and the day that Catholics and other Christians throughout the world commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus. According to Mark 15:42 Jesus died “on the day of preparation, the day before the sabbath.” The Hebrew Sabbath is celebrated on Saturday which is preceded by Friday.

Holy Days of Obligation

The Holy See has set ten days of the year as Holy Days of Obligation. A Holy Day of Obligation is a day in which all Catholics are required to attend Mass to celebrate a particular occasion in the faith.