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    [quote:4raqal82]Different people have different roles at Mass. Some people are Eucharistic ministers. They help distribute the Eucharist to everyone because if the priest did it himself Mass would last another hour.[/quote:4raqal82]

    As well as Lectures, Sacrist, Alter Servers, etc… We [b:4raqal82][u:4raqal82]ALL[/u:4raqal82][/b:4raqal82] have roles to play. The laity is to participate, pray, sing, receive, etc… The Mass is for all of us and we are expected to participate.

    [quote:4raqal82]When we actively participate in the Mass we receive God in two primary ways: we receive him through his Word and through the Eucharist. These are the two main parts of the Mass: the Liturgy of the Word and the Liturgy of the Eucharist.[/quote:4raqal82]

    Spiritual food for the mind and soul! This helps us sustain grace and go into the world in a loving Christian manner!

    [quote:4raqal82]In the first part of the Mass we receive God in his word and in the second part we receive God, through Jesus in body, soul and divinity. We receive God in the Eucharist.[/quote:4raqal82]

    AMEN! And you [b:4raqal82][u:4raqal82]cannot[/u:4raqal82][/b:4raqal82] have one without the other. Late to Mass is the same as missing Mass so is leaving early to bet the parking lot crowd!

    [quote:4raqal82]Afterward Jesus took a cup filled with wine and said, “This cup is the new covenant in my blood, which will be shed for you.” At Mass when we receive the Eucharist, Jesus’ body and blood under the appearance of bread and wine (just like at the Last Supper), we are renewing our covenant with God. We are reconfirming our promise to God to live out our end of the relationship.[/quote:4raqal82]

    Moses used animal’s blood to seal and renew his covenant with God. Christ blood is used to seal the new covenant with God and it is what we celebrate everyday around the world!

    Jon, this was a great article! Mass is a celebration and requires [b:4raqal82][u:4raqal82]ALL[/u:4raqal82][/b:4raqal82] of us to participate. This is the gift Christ left us through the Holy Spirit. The grace, peace and joy experienced in Mass is like no other, if you participate as you should!


    :o The ONLY reason for the mass is to celebrate the Eucharist,think about it.


    Our Lord came into the world to offer it a way out of sin. The whole purpose of His advent was to rectify what mankind had done, (from the first sin of Adam down to each sin we commit) He did so in a manner that we see in foretold in the Old Testament… Sacrifice to God, but in this case a perfect sacrifice. All grace comes from that one act of Christ Jesus on the Cross. As Jesus was God, the actions on the cross ripple across time, something like when we toss a pebble into a lake. It is by this action, His application of the graces of the cross outside of the constraints of time that make the sacrifices of old capable of forgiving sin in the Old Testament, it is also the reason our Lady could be cleansed of any stain of sin from the moment of her conception in the womb of St. Anne. For us today Christ gives us the grace of standing at the foot of the Cross when we assist at Mass. Being God, Jesus can and does suspend time for us, and allows us to come before Him as He preforms His greatest work, at Mass we are mystically transported to the Foot of the Cross, at the same time we are in His presence as the Ressurected and Transfigured Christ who has conquered death, Eternal God and True Man. We participate here on Earth in the Heavenly Worship of God described to us in the Apocalypse of St. John, and we see the fulfillment of the Prophet when he foretold, “From the Rising of the Sun to the Going-down there of, a Perfect Sacrifice will be offered.” For us in an unbloody manner, our Lord who can not be killed over again, not only reminds us of His actions, but calls us to stand beside Him as the graces of His action unfold for us. Too often we forget that that is a time when we can come to him contrite for our sins, petition Him for our needs, and most of all Adore Him who did not abandon us to our sin, but came to correct our waywardness and restore to us supernatural life, so we could spend eternity with Him.

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