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    [b:1kdw9937]There were some interesting results in this recent U.S. election.[/b:1kdw9937]

    Voters in Washington voted to allow assisted suicide.

    Voters in Colorado overwhelmingly denied declaring life begins at the moment of conception, further undermining the right to life.

    South Dakotans voted not to put limits on abortions.


    Massachusetts voters (myself included) voted to ban dog racing because of the inhumane treatment of the dogs.

    Californians voted for more humane treatment of farm animals.

    [b:1kdw9937]How is it that the life of an animal is given more sanctity than a human life? Why is it so easy for the public to support animal rights, but not the rights of the most helpless of their own kind?[/b:1kdw9937]

    It’s a sad situation when humanity is bent on killing itself in the name of justice, equality and fairness.

    Information taken from cnn.com and causecast.org.


    That’s because justice, equality, and fairness today in the U. S. are based on a culture of death, not life.


    That’s one way to sum it up. Living in a post-modern world, everything is relative, things are not defined in absolutes. It’s as if instead of things being right and wrong, they are just different. Everything is a shade of gray. What’s wrong for one person isn’t for another.

    While this might be true in certain cases (such as clothing or hairstyles) applying this standard to morality and behavior has led to a loss of values in our society. Why is murder illegal? Seriously. Why wouldn’t be ok for some people to murder and not others? I mean, it already happens with abortion, and now, in some states, assisted suicide. Where do we draw the line on which life is acceptable to murder and which isn’t?


    Today’s society will turn a deaf ear to those questions. The more I think about the reality of our society accepting abortion, the more surreal it feels to be living in this society. Ronald Reagan said it best when he said “we are never defeated unless we give up on God”. I think it’s safe to say where our country stands.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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