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    Disembodied spirits are not extended in space. They don’t have shape or take up space. As a result, some have wondered whether heaven is a “place.” This is a difficult question. Heaven is not a location in the physical universe. One could never travel far enough in any direction in space to arrive in heaven.

    But it does seem that heaven has something corresponding to space. It may not be anything remotely like space as we experience it, but heaven does seem to have the ability to receive bodies into it. Christ took his body with him to heaven when he ascended. Mary took her body when she was assumed. A few others such as Enoch, Elijah, and perhaps Moses also seem to have their bodies with them in heaven.

    We cannot say what the present state of these bodies is. They may not be extended in space at the moment or they may. We don’t know.



    Weather, please give credit, where credit is due by telling us where you get your information from.


    What you posted is a word for word from catholic answers.



    Sorry,will do from now on.

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