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    Both my husband and I are non-catholic but for many reasons chose to baptize and raise our 15 year old daughter catholic. She is currently preparing for confirmation next year and we are concerned about our presence during the service. As you know, we are not able to receive communion in a catholic church and are wondering what to expect during this service. Thank you

    I have had a few experiences with Confirmations but they are not that much different from each other. When I was Confirmed the bishop of my archdiocese came to my parish and confirmed each one of us and he did that for all the parishes in the archdiocese. However, where I am now, all the confirmations in this archdiocese take place in either the basilica in Minneapolis or the cathedral in St. Paul with all the other different parishes depending on which side of the Twin Cities metro area your parish is. Essentially all celebrations in the different locations were the same.

    A Catholic Confirmation Mass is the same as a normal except that a Confirmation takes place. After the homily is given then starts the Confirmations. The people to be confirmed and their sponsors will do just like during communion time and go up to the altar where the sponsor will place his or her hand on the shoulder of the one to be confirmed and affirm to the bishop that the person is ready to be confirmed. Then the bishop will place his hands over the Confirmand’s head as a sign of calling down the Holy Spirit and anoint his or her forehead with Oil of Chrism saying “be sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit.” And that’s it. Then just like during communion the people return to their seats and the mass continues where it left off. The order is usually the same for Baptism as well.

    Your presence is very important as she may be looking to you for support. She needs to understand that this is really her decision (I’m sure the priest will let her know this as well) because it is a step in the Christian community saying “yes, I want to be a member of this community and live this faith.” Confirmation is a sign of adulthood in the Church and can be a major stepping stone towards spiritual growth.

    Also, you can read more about the details of Confirmation[/url:2zxqg6z7].

    -Jon Jakoblich

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