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    Andres Ortiz

    What is everyone doing for Lent this year?

    Are you giving up something? Are you adding something?

    Please share with the group.



    [color=darkred:23ve6czp]I’m just thinking of pushing myself more in every aspect of my life. More specifically my eating habits and excercise.[/color:23ve6czp]



    I am working on my procrastination by scheduling my activities more often. I’ll start Friday.



    I’m going to love my family more and NOT take them for granted,cause life is so short and one could be called at any moment.I remember when I was a teenager I would give up watermelon for Lent(were could one find watermelon in winter time in Minnesota). :mrgreen:



    [color=darkblue:2r3lu3gr]Nothing really specific for Lent, just trying to be more like Jesus in all facets of life and to remain steadfast in my conversion. [/color:2r3lu3gr]



    I’m going to try to keep up with Fr. Nash’s meditations.

    Fr. Robert Nash wrote four (among his many other) books, The priest at his prie dieu, the Nun at her prie dieu, The Seminarian at his prie dieu, and The Layman at his prie dieu.

    I’ve followed the meditations off and on for many years, but for Lent this year I want to try and change my habits and include his book into my daily meditation, following one system and focus on the entire year’s meditations on the life of our Lord and submission to His will using Fr. Nash’s book. I’ve liked the meditations, and while I have also used the Imitation of Christ, (a favorite of Pope John XXIII among millions of others) I want to see what the themes of the “at his prie dieu book does for my spiritual life.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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