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    Demonstrating the Power of the Cross through science.

    In the entire history of the Holy Church there have been many who have argued that faith is at odds with science and even in this century are many more who are thinking this way despite being clear on numerous occasions through of the science, philosophy and theology,today we have the grace to defend mathematics precisely the harmony between science and religion.

    Speaking of math you retract thinking of the difficulty that can make understanding this
    branch of science but the things that come from God we know they are imbued with great simplicity, so take this opportunity to warn that a child with basic knowledge could understand.

    We are facing a mathematical mystic phenomenon that occurs in a set of numbers in a given order through the geometry of the Cross. After this phenomenon we can see clearly that the order to the chaos is enhanced, being completely evident what we mean by chance or accident. After contemplating the mystical science we conclude that the Santa Cruz brings order where we believe there is quite the opposite, which I consider of importance by giving an insufficient knowledge to know the etymology of “Order”, “Whoever Order “,” He who puts Order “, comes from the Latin ordin an Indo-European root (move, adjust, good) and the Greek orthos (straight, right, under). For all that is important to remember that preach the cross of Christ, is also preaching the Gospel.

    As for the math is the scientific basis of the mystical science can say that Galileo Galilei
    by stating that “Mathematics is the alphabet with which God wrote the Universe” is not far from the mystical science because this reference is interesting to reflect the position of a young child to hear a foreigner, is perplexed at his surprise he did not know that happens to the language of that person, but when it grows knows that it is another language by knowing that their own language is a language.
    With this warning I want to say that we are too young to understand this creative language of the Almighty, then just allow me the expression “stammered.”


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