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    I visited the webpage of one of my favorite used bookmongers today. While there are several pages each devoted to different areas of Catholic life and Subjects I thought I’d post the Sacred Scripture section for everyone to pour over.

    While they don’t have my three favorite texts in stock, they have a good selection of Bible Study aids and commentaries. You will notice most are from the mid 1950’s and prior which debunks the myth that before Vatican II Catholics had not “discovered” the Bible. Look over the site, I’d reccomend as a starter for those that don’t have it…

    [u:yfaboa10]The Divine Armory of Holy Scripture[/u:yfaboa10], [Biblical texts showing the Scriptual character & basis of the teachings & liturgy of the Catholic Church] Vaughan, Fr Kenelm

    [u:yfaboa10]A Companion to the New Testament[/u:yfaboa10], Steinmueller, John E. & Kathryn Sullivan

    [u:yfaboa10]Dictionary of Biblical Theology [/u:yfaboa10][Vocabulaire de Th?©ologie Biblique]
    Leon-Dufour, Xavier et al, eds. / P. Joseph Cahill, SJ, tr.

    [u:yfaboa10]A Commentary on the Gospels[/u:yfaboa10], Knox, Msgr Ronald A. (I’ve mentioned Msgr. Knox before, very Anti-Catholic Evangellical, who converted to the Catholic Church in the early 1900’s after an indepth study of the Bible and Early Church documents from Protestant sources. He also made a new English Translation of the Bible into modern English, and wrote a hard to find book called, [u:yfaboa10]On Englishing the Bible[/u:yfaboa10], which describes many of the difficulties in translating the Hebrew Aramaic and Greek into English without loosing the authentic meaning of the text.




    Do you know if either excerpts or whole sections of the books you recommend are available online?

    I’m lazy by nature and I figure that if I’m researching a topic chances are someone has already and can point me to where I’d like to go <img decoding=” title=”Smile” />


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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