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    I have a few family members that are of another faith (non-catholic). I’m constantly trying to explain viewpoints and wanted to make sure I explain this one correctly. From what I understand, as Catholics, we do not pray TO saints but pray or ask for their help, or for God to send them as a means of help in a certain area in our lives. Now, in explaining this I get stumped because I’ve heard a priest say specifically pray TO saints…I am being combated on this because of the Bible verse (don’t know it by heart) which states we are only to pray to the Lord our God, not to saints, Mary, or anyone else. How can I explain what we do effectively?


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    I wrote this article a while back, but should help you. The style is that of a news story, but while the story is fictitious the facts about our Catholic faith are real. Enjoy: … t_worship/



    The way that I explain it is that we are asking the saints to pray for us and our needs to God. It basically is the same thing as asking a living person to pray for us, except the saints are dead and in heaven, close to God. Personally, I think that the prayers of the saints, especially the Blessed Mother, are more effective because they are closer to God than us mere morals.

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