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    Anthony, my friend from my previous post has had his replacement surgery done. His mom is out of prison and he just came back to school. The hospital is going to be keeping a close eye on him to make sure his new heart isn’t being rejected. They’re running some final testing to see that everything is working like it should. He’s alive, thank God, and he’s doing well as far as I’m aware. Thank you all so much for praying! He needed it.

    One more thing concerning Anthony. I’m not sure he’s saved, but I’m hoping that him coming to my youth group is helping. Hopefully, he’ll come to God and learn what he’s been missing. He asks really good questions, and I think he’s getting closer to Christ, I’m just hoping it all goes well. Pray on this please and thanks <img decoding=” title=”Smile” />

    My agnostic friend David is still agnostic, no matter how we’ve tried to convince him otherwise:(. I got to see him last week and he’s doing well, he’s just not the same person I knew before he gave up his religion. I’m hoping and praying that God will change his heart and he will see the light again.

    I have another friend named Austin who’s having some breathing problems. They’ve tested him and found out that some of his air ways are obstructed. He also has acid reflux, and that’s messing with him. The doctors have put him on some medicine and he seems to be doing better, at least health wise. All the stress in his life is making him lose sleep, which isn’t good, obviously. His life is kind of a mess, so he needs prayer not only for his health, but for his emotional stability (wow that word sounded really big <img decoding=” title=”Smile” /> .) I’m praying that all goes well and settles down for him. He needs all the sleep he can get.

    Everything seems to be changing around me right now, kind of like the world’s been put in a glass ball and shaken up. Things are settling slowly, but I’m hoping it pans out like God wants it to, not just because I want it to.

    Much Thanks and God Bless,


    im so glad to hear all this!
    and dont worry about your agnostic friend. my own father is an atheist. (mom is catholic) and weve tried everything to convert him. sometimes you just gotta give it your best shot and sometimes it wont work


    As human beings, being sinful in our actions, we will sometimes reject the Word of God.
    We really can’t say “Believe in this believe in that” because people will think you’re forcing them to have religion. It is, however, nice to tell them the salvation they’ll have in Christ but that’s all that you really can do.

    Karyn, I am truly sorry to hear about David’s spiritual choice. We can only hope and pray that he’ll accept Jesus in his life.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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