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    Postal workers refuse to deliver ‘anti-gay’ mail

    VANCOUVER, Canada Canada Post will deliver anti-gay booklets this week, despite protests from postal workers in Vancouver who took a stand against the mail because they took offense to it, CTV.ca, an online Canadian news outlet, reported last week. Postal workers called the booklets homophobic, but there was some differing of opinion on whether a stand they took against delivering them was done in protest or whether they were merely taking a coffee break. Lillian Au, communications manager for Canada Post’s pacific region, told CTV.ca that the post would honor its commitment to the client who mailed the booklets, an Ontario-based religious group, despite an initial delay because of the alleged protest. She said if postal workers refused to mail the booklets, it would be illegal. CTV.ca reported that 68 workers walked off the job for about 15 minutes on Oct. 26 after seeing the 200 unsealed booklets. Canada Post downplayed the protest by saying the workers were on break. They returned to work after being assured no disciplinary action would be taken against them, CTV.ca said.
    http://washblade.com/2006/11-3/news/wor … ldnews.cfm

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