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    [quote:1lflu4kl]This new prayer, which is to be used this Lent, is a simple prayer for the Jewish people, that they may discover the salvation brought by Jesus. The previous version was regarded as offensive by some Jewish organizations.[/quote:1lflu4kl]

    [quote:1lflu4kl][b:1lflu4kl]Jewish leaders cannot accept a prayer for conversion [/b:1lflu4kl]
    “While we appreciate that the text avoids any derogatory language toward Jews, it’s regretful that the prayer explicitly calls for Jews to accept Christianity,” said Rabbi David Rosen, the director of inter-religious affairs for the American Jewish Committee. He said that he had hoped for a more explicit Catholic recognition of “the value of the Torah as the vehicle of salvation for the Jewish people.”[/quote:1lflu4kl]

    Response of the USCCB:
    [quote:1lflu4kl]”Pope Benedict XVI has chosen to present the relationship of the Church and the Jews within the mystery of salvation as found in Saint Paul’s Letter to the Romans (cf. Rom 11:11-32). Central to the concerns of the Holy Father is the clear articulation that salvation comes through faith in Jesus Christ and his Church. It is a faith that must never be imposed but always freely chosen.[/quote:1lflu4kl]

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