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    So I took a little stroll through the park today, looking for a nice big tree to sit against and read my book. There was a big open area at the park and two women were sunbathing. I noticed a guy sitting by a tree about 70 yards away looking at them through binoculars. Once I noticed this, I decided to walk over to the two women and tell them. Right after I told them they looked back at the guy and he began walking away. They said they were happy I told them. Then I found a spot to read and when I got done I was walking back to my car and I saw that same guy again, this time he was riding a bike around the park. He began to ride towards me with his bike and I felt the urge to confront him and talk about what had happened. He had a baseball cap and shades on as well as a back pack. I was thinking, this is the kind of guy you would see portrayed on “Forensic Files” or something like that. He was a very freaky looking guy. But I decided not to at the last minute and he rode past me. When I got home I began thinking, what would have happend if I got his attention when he rode past me and I brought up the situation. I figure, he could have had anything in that back pack and I don’t think bringing up the subject would have been a positve for either of us. I think he would have got upset and defensive. But anyway, feel free to post your thoughts, if any, you have on this, “Pervert at Park” story. <img src=” title=”Very Happy” />



    I know what I would have done,if you thought he was stalking you I would have got the best discription of him and called the police,because he will continue doing this until he gets a victim.


    Andres Ortiz

    It’s probably a good thing you didn’t confront him because it might have been bad just as you said. You never know people these days. He may have been packing some heat.



    oh he was packing heat all right… :lol:

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