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    Andres Ortiz

    Interesting that their particular beliefs put them as supreme over other types of people. Truly Jesus needs to be preached more than ever in prisons.

    This quote from the article says exactly what I was suspecting:
    [quote:2qbibb8q]”It’s a theology that celebrates raw physical power and domination, and that is why I think it is so popular among prison inmates,” Potok said. “The kind of inmate who might be attracted to this is a white man who is looking for justification for extreme violence, who is looking for an ideology which explains why he should be the boss.”[/quote:2qbibb8q]



    [color=darkred:3cmxb2xg]It’s so not Christianity. As if it wasn’t hard enough, they celebrate “raw physical power”. That says it all for me.[/color:3cmxb2xg]


    The sad part is they believe their “path” is the only way. Young people are being taken in. I know of an adult who I thought was a Christian who is now a priest in a wiccan coven. He has basicly left his family for his “new” family and thinks his wife and children are the stupid(his words) ones. He first began watching Charmed on TV as far as his family can tell and became interested in the book of shadows. He ordered one from ebay. He says their are covens in most cities. His is in a medium size town.



    I met a person who was wicca in naval boot camp. He said he had like 7 Gods he worshiped. I also had a christian friend their and he was converting a Buddist, rather quickly I might add. It was very impressive, I’ll never forget it.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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