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    ..because they dont believe in original sin?
    why dont they believe in original sin?
    I dont get it, please clarify…


    Andres Ortiz

    They believe Adam is responsible for his sin and that not all of humanity bears the guilt of that sin, just Adam alone.


    before the schism, original sin wasnt defined dogmatically yet?



    The earliest liturgical feasts commemorating the Immaculate Conception are found among the Eastern Liturgies. Many Orthodox theologians do hold personally that the Immaculate Conception is true. It is also true that many Orthodox hold that the Filioque is theologically sound. While these are not universal beliefs among the Orthodox, the main argument among the Orthodox to the proclaiming of these dogmas is they feel that only Dogmas that area promulgated by a Council of all the bishops of the World (East and West) are definitive teachings of the Church.


    they only reject it because we are not in full communion with each other?
    sounds kinda strange to me…



    James told me that Orthodox means “original” or “fundamental” or something like that. He told me alot about the Orthodox Church and what the differences are between the Orthodox and the Catholic Church are. I think that he said theyre kinda the same (don’t quote me) but The Orthodox Church says that you guys are wrong and they’re right, so it shouldnt matter what you guys think. I’m sure that they say that about the other christian churches too


    from what Ive learned, they say we’re wrong simply because, according to them, we(the western church) left them(and according to us, they left us), therefore the church can no longer make any doctrinal declaration since it is no longer united…

    on our side, we’ve always had the leader(the pope, successor of Peter) so we dont exactly need them for better doctrinal understanding…

    and sir Larobert said that orthodox means “correct observance”

    well, this is all i know about our main differences… <img src=” title=”Very Happy” />




    I told you about the Orthodox Church in much more detail than that. I’d rather you stick with what I’ve said than to make a pretty big assumption like you did just now.



    Orthodox means correct or right belief. It can be used to refer to the Orthodox Churches, or orthodoxy as those who hold the correct belief in any group. Usually when we see a capital O it refers to a group, (There are Groups of Buddhists who refer to themselves as Orthodox, there are Eastern Orthodox Christians, and Orthodox Jews. So the meaning is those who hold the correct belief, (as defined by themselves)

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